Spector Tells Us How Disney Epic Mickey Will Challenge Gamers

Kotaku writes: "When Disney Epic Mickey hits the Wii next fall it won't rely on the console's latest technology to deliver its visionary experience. Instead the reinvention of Disney's animated world will strive to both entice children and enlighten adult with a meaty, moralistic story, famed game designer Warren Spector told Kotaku today.

In Disney Epic Mickey, gamers take on the role of an edgier Mickey Mouse, using the Wii remote to wield magical paint and thinner to reshape the around them. Mickey uses these abilities as he fights his way through a cartoon wasteland in what Disney describes as an "adventure-platforming game with light role-playing elements.

What Mickey will be doing in the game is allowing gamers to make moral decisions about how to change the world around them with paint and thinner. Those decisions will have consequences that affect the environment, interactions with other characters, and even Mickey's appearance and abilities."

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Smacktard3278d ago

Man, is it sad that I'm most excited for the 2-D platforming segments? They actually look sort of difficult :D

But uh, yeah, not much else to say. Funny hoow Eliot's poem was mentioned. "The Wasteland" is such a pile of vile bile. Influential? I don't know. Pretentious and over-rated? Yep.