Bitmob: Sex and the Single Dragon Age Hero

In Dragon Age you can go to a brothel, have a male homosexual relationship with an elf, and even get it on with a transsexual dwarf. Sex plays a sometimes-interesting role in Dragon Age's narrative. It figures into the plot in a significant way, and as you progress through the game you'll learn more about other members in your party via their particular attitudes towards sex.

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BadboyCivic3603277d ago

well we had to learn about the Birds and the Bees someday...

WildArmed3277d ago

LMFAO. Seems like you'll be learning about birds and birds , and bees and bees if you get what i mean *shivers*

I hate how all these games are going into the GTA/Fable/GoW side.. not every game needs to have this crap -.-

Its hella lot better IRL

DiffusionE3277d ago

Awesome preview. Reminds me a bit of Mass Effect, but still pretty interesting....heh heh

Tony P3277d ago

I am no fan of *watching* two dudes "hug it out", but good on Bio for pushing the envelope in more than just the usual.

If someone's offended by that, please just skip it. But still we're bound to hear all about how alternate lifestyles are being "shoved down our throats" gain. *immature giggle*

WildArmed3277d ago

Disturbed by it.. yes.
Offended.. not really.

Seems like Bioware took this game towards teh Fable side of RPG.

toaster3277d ago

Society right now looks down on anyone that's "different."
Kudos to Bioware to show that maybe people other than the norm play video games. I have nothing wrong with male hugging in DA:O. Will I pursue that path through the game? No. But I won't be surprised if it turns out that way. I just don't really gave a rat's ass as long as the rest of the game comes to standards with other Bioware's games.

WildArmed3277d ago

lol, Fable already had that in it. So its nothing surprising here.

Mo0eY3277d ago

I can't unsee what I just saw.

WildArmed3277d ago

maybe if you read the article backwards and view the images backwards you'll un-see n un-read what you have been traumatized with lol

The Great Melon3276d ago

Well, if you go backwards you'll end on a more pleasant note if anything.

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The story is too old to be commented.