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Epic Mickey was originally for 360/PS3

Epic Mickey was originally a multi format game before legendary game developer Warren Spector and Disney Interactive Studios took the decision to make it Wii exclusive.

In an interview with ONM due to be published in issue 50 (On sale 20/11), Spector revealed that Disney Interactive Studios allowed him to focus on the Wii version alone in order to make the very best game he could.

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SpoonyRedMage3372d ago

Haha, that's going to anger a lot of people. It's good that he didn't just want to put out a shoddy port.

Can't wait to play the game anyway.

OhNoez3372d ago

Too bad i aint got Wii, its gonna be sweet

darthv723372d ago

360/ps3 crowd are to 'core' for a mickey game.

Sony should try an HD remake of mickey mania to see if there is interest from the fans.

Snoogins3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

This is Warren "Deus-freaking-Ex" Spector doing a gothic Mickey game! Hardcore and casual could both enjoy this game, though the casual most likely won't appreciate it. Now it's most likely being sent to die to an audience too afraid to try anything that isn't starring a shroom-eating plumber and his little boomerang-wielding elf friend.

MEsoJD3372d ago

would be envy of this game??? Seriously

HolyOrangeCows3372d ago

.....why? Are they afraid of making too much money?

ReviewsArePolitics3372d ago

I can't wait for the PS3 and the 360 to get their motion controls to get sub-par ports or wii games (which are, by definition, subpar). Of course, Epic Mickey is going to be great (for a Wii game), but if done right they might be able to do it the way it was intended to be done on PS3 and/or 360 (unless they make another rush job like the Wii gets usually from PS2 games)

asdr3wsfas3372d ago

"1.4 - what PS3/360/PC owner
would be envy of this game??? Seriously"

As the man above you pointed out anyone who played Deus Ex is interested.

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Smacktard3372d ago

Whoah. That's good to see that at least some people are treating the Wii is a serious console, instead of just giving it a rail-shooter and acting like they're owed something.

Ravage273372d ago

'focus on the Wii version alone in order to make the very best game he could'
something doesn't seem right....

thehitman3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

I read the same line was like "........................ ........" just wow lolz.... I doubt it will even get much attention on the wii but will see.

Edit: After fully reading it looks like a big gamble to make a nice wii game lolz... from sounds of it look like they only have resources for 1 type of platform and they choose wii over 360/ps3/pc. I pray best of luck for them lol.

PirateThom3372d ago

Actually, I'd rather he focus on the lower end platform exclusively and make an amazing game than focus on the upper higher end platforms and make a game that would, almost certainly, come out mediocre, like most multiplatform games this gen.

ChickeyCantor3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

I guess he is talking concept wise.
Sure they could have done much more due their power, but i guess the interface really fits the concept.

If only Sony was early with their wand i think there would have been a PS3 port as well.

Tony P3372d ago

Doesn't sound like that at all to me.

Sounds like they had a good concept for multiplat and shelved it to do something totally different on the Wii. Only reason I can imagine Disney signing off on it is because Disney + Wii seems like a perfect family friendly marriage, which = $$$.

asdr3wsfas3372d ago

"Only reason I can imagine Disney signing off on it is because Disney + Wii seems like a perfect family friendly marriage, which = $$$"

Development costs for concept art and programming on non-HD consoles are much lower, like 1/3rd to 1/4th as expensive as xbox or ps3. Shhh...on n4g that's a secret.

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Relientk773372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

he should have focused and made the game based on its game art

that would have made it "the very best game he could"

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