Why Ditching 'Family Guy' Deal is Good for Microsoft (and Us)

PC World writes: "When Microsoft pulled out of sponsoring a television show by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, a remarkable thing happened to the future of TV. Microsoft's decision to shelter Windows 7 from MacFarlane's off-color humor doesn't just affect this show in particular; it sets back the doomsday countdown to when our media is tightly woven into sponsorships, corrupting the entertainment itself.

The bigger point is that MacFarlane and Fox stuck to their principles. They didn't water down the content, despite several notes of concern from Microsoft. They understood that if a sponsor lays a finger on the entertainment itself, integrity goes out the window, and so do the fans. Whoever sponsors the show now has to be aware of that.

If anything, Microsoft's departure reiterates the importance of keeping the content honest, no matter who's paying for it."

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54percent3303d ago

If they ranted M$ with their support now they gonna destroy it without them

Godmars2903303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Do they mean like when they sold cigarettes on the Flintstones?

The only thing this proves is that MS was wholly clueless about which demographic they were trying to appeal to with the Family Guy. Probably thought it was a family instead of college audience.

How they could make that kind of mistake though...

N4G king3303d ago

sorry but i love Family Guy
and i thonk most PPL do as well

so if Family Guy dissed MS
they are not the first ones

TotalPS3Fanboy3303d ago

For not letting Microsoft change Family Guy into something stupid.

Godmars2903302d ago

The family Guy *IS* stupid. That's what makes it funny.

ZootHornRollo3302d ago

family guy is the worst thing ever to be put on tv. it only appeals to people with no real sense of humor, let alone know what humor is.

adult swim can play the same 4 seasons over and over again and people will still watch those episodes. and the new ones are just a joke.

i can watch family guy and not even smirk. i can watch king of the hill or any funny tv show and laugh.

Qbanj693302d ago

lol @ zoothorn for saying that he laughs at KOTH but not family guy.


Marceles3302d ago

Depends what kind of show you're more interested in watching. Personally I think the Simpsons in its prime was funnier than what Family Guy is now, but the Simpsons aren't that funny anymore. I enjoyed the episode they made fun of UPS (A.S.S.), but that's about it for the new episodes, I guess people think the Simpsons is too politically correct these days. Family Guy has some funny gags, but that's pretty much the appeal of it. No one can explain the storyline of the episode of what the gag is from, but it's easy to remember a specific funny part.

I still don't know the storyline of the Family Guy when Peter bought Chris a frog, but didn't poke holes in the box and it died, and it took Peter 5 minutes to pick the frog up with the box cover and throw it out the window because it kept falling.

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Ninjamonkey3302d ago

I watched the family guy clips on youtube...

Never has family guy been so un funny... =S

ZombieAutopsy3302d ago

Hmmm...i see a family guy episode similar to those Mac/Apple computer commercials.

rmedtx8883302d ago

I'm glad they didn't change anything. A water-down version of the show would probably lose all their fans.

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