Wii rage turns 3 year old into (more of a) menace

Little Adam McConnell, aged three-and-a-half, went to town on dad Brian's expensive 42in plasma screen after losing a match to the Nintendo Wii games console.

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WilliamRLBaker4162d ago

take kids. bend over knee. pull down pants...raise hand....go to town on 3 year olds butt with your flat palm....problem solved.

ChickeyCantor4162d ago

ewww, dude thats just wrong!!

btw hitting a kid could give him a trauma!
well, i guess the kid was already mentaly hyper.

WilliamRLBaker4162d ago

hitting a kid square accross the ass is the trauma of minding the parents, If hitting a kid 5 times over the ass with no more force then you would put into smacking a mosqito off your arm is gonna cause them trauma then they have more problems then that in their future.

The only problem with kids today is they dont get spanked at an early age enough, too many people use time out which is completely inaffective.

I cetainly know if my nephew broke my tv in anger over a wii game, i would beat his ass even if he is 13 years old.

EZCheez4162d ago


I would beat my kids within an inch of their life if they tried something like that!

And if anyone thinks that is overkill, then you just don't have kids.

Spanking works, I turned out okay. I think.

kornbeaner4162d ago

I would have to go old school on his A$$ for that one.

But I would have to leave the pants on. My backswing is pretty wicked.

Beating are not okay but a little spanking is still needed to show these kids who runs the joint.

M_Prime4161d ago

hell i was spanked.. it worked well.. my brother wasn't and he turned out like a jerk..

seriously, my mom likes me better lol.. no jokes..

its the whole U DID SOMETHING BAD SO THIS WILL HAPPEN which some guy did the experiments on.. i forgot his name but i'm sure it was Freud. It was the one where the guy rang a bell and gave dogs food.. then after a while he just rang the bell and the dogs would come for food even if there was non.. aka Conditioning.. so if u start at a young age then they will learn.. its media and everyone being pansys that made TIME OUT the new thing.. i do think there are some abusive parents but if done correctly spanking works..

since i'm not allowed to hit my brother.. even though we fight sometimes but he always starts.. i have something that seriously gets him to act proper.. taking away his internet connection.. which i pay for so its okay, since hes not doing me any favours taking up my bandwidth.. seriously the internet is like crack to him.. he will do ANYTHING to get it on.. and he knows if i'm off to work then all 4 computers will be locked so he can't use it on any of em.. (1 is his but i just block him on the router.. hes not smart enough to go directly through the modem lol)

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gta_cb4162d ago

yeh, when i let someone on my Xbox 360 (someone young) i never leave them lol especially with me only recently getting my HDREADY TV =)

gta_cb4162d ago

on that pic it looks like the screen is cracked, and the controller is fine.... looks like Nintendo makes quality products lol

WilliamRLBaker4162d ago

there is no such thing as a wii mote cracking after hitting a tv even if it does break the tv. My friend chris had someone over who let the thing go and it hit his tv, the tv was fine, the wii mote cracked but it still works even in its cracked state.

Robotz Rule4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

Especially when the kid is three years old.

Bonsai12144162d ago

he stepped out to get a drink for the kid..

wheres jack thompson now to jump on this? "it starts early. with the wii, you actually simulate hitting things"

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The story is too old to be commented.