Champions Online Blood Moon Trailer

Champions Online developers, including executive producer Bill Roper, talk about the new in-game event, Blood Moon.

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Leord3281d ago

I really like the Celestial set!

Malfurion3281d ago

Oh yeah, that's very popular in the game right now. Everyone's trying for it for the added e-peen :P

Leord3281d ago

Hehe, e-peen is such a funny word :)

Both the meaning of it as well as the word itself.

Maticus3281d ago

It does look epic. If anyone gets the chance they should try the game out this weekend with that free deal.

Dorjan3281d ago

The events look really nice! And in-depth! How long do they run for?

JeepGamer3281d ago

There was a steady stream of fixes coming through right up until this whole Bloodmoon thing came along, and now everything that is broken has remained broken no matter how many bug reports they get about it.

Until this company learns how to fix what it has before moving on to the next thing, they should not be rewarded with even one more subscription fee.