Limitcast Episode 21 – The Dilemma of Difficulty

Gamer Limit writes: "Tune in to this week's Limitcast as special guest Shawn Evans joins Josh Quinnett, Chase Cook, Chris Carter, and Paul Clark as they mine deeper into the core of gaming culture.

Early in the show, Josh and Chase discuss their hands-on impressions of the recently released PC version of Borderlands, Paul talks up Tropico 3, Chris laments at being late to the party on Uncharted 2, and Shawn shares his thoughts on the PSP Go.

After the break, marvel at the cast's inability to remain on topic as they attempt to cover this week's juggernaut of a topic: Difficulty in Gaming."

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TheGameLlama3276d ago

That first guy is gonna end up in the doghouse... :D

DangerCurtis3276d ago

You guys can get pretty intense.

Austin_SJ3276d ago

One of the better podcasts available