Namco: "Lot of Ideas" for Tekken 7

Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada has "a lot of ideas" for Tekken 7, he's revealed in a CVG reader Q&A.

Answering a question from CVG reader 'Kain Carver', Harada said of his Tekken 7 plans: "Oh, there are a lot of ideas... I can't say too much yet, though.

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WildArmed3280d ago

*face palm*
stfu.. you just got Tekken 6 out and your already spilling beans on T7.
I hate it when they do that.
It's like.. we could have done T6 better, but we saved our ideas for T7 so you'd buy it :)

Wolfie3280d ago

I heard T6 online is horrible :( I wanna buy it tomorrow

WildArmed3280d ago

well my harcore tekken buds love tekken 6. But that could just be the hype speaking for now. I'll let them settle in for a few days n then ask wha tthey thought about it

Godmars2903280d ago

Nevermind that, after all the improvements they promised when the game was a PS3 exclusive *launch* and in the end that's all we get?

Masta_Killa3280d ago

A cross-series Tekken... don't tease us
@1.1- The online is great. I've played about 60 matches and only lagged maybe 3. I think the complainers had bad connections or played against others with bad connections.

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ReviewsArePolitics3280d ago

Let the franchise die already. Focus on Soul Calibur instead, and if you want merge both franchises the way Capcom has merged Alpha, III and II into 4.

Virtua Fighter 5 > Tekken 6 any day.

VsAssassin3280d ago

Make Tekken 7 a PS3 exclusive for gaming's sakes! There I said it!!!

Jamaicangmr3280d ago

Ok shut up an i don't care what idea's u have just u better not fvck it up.

3280d ago
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