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Rumored PS Store Content for 10-29-09

This week is looking rather empty as far as confirmed content is concerned, but we're brimming with rumored content. The highlight of the week is LocoRoco Midnight Carnival the first PSP game available that can be played with the PSPgo in it's closed position. Other than that Inferno Pool finally makes it stateside, and Zombie Apocalypse finally makes its way to Europe. We're expecting another Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time demo, although nothing has been confirmed. This second demo takes you through a mission with Ratchet, whereas the last demo was focused on Clank's new time-manipulation gameplay. Other than that, expect your normal barrage of Rock Band DLC.

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doctorstrange5382d ago

I hope some of that rumoured content comes to pass

The_Count5382d ago

I hope we get the ratchet demo.

ftwrthtx5382d ago

The Ratchet demo is sure to be there

s8anicslayer5382d ago

These guys have been predicting RE2 for a while now,lets see if we finally get it this week

DoucheVader5382d ago

Inferno Pool maybe cool. Anyone else picking it up?

Skynetone5382d ago

Its way to easy, in fact its allmost impossible to miss a pot, theres a help full arrow to guide your every shot, which can never be turned off fully {it only gets smaller in length}

due to this obvious flaw the game has no lasting appeal

id wait for hustle kings

ftwrthtx5382d ago

I might be getting the pool game. It looks like fun.

xsteinbachx5382d ago

Why is raging blast still rumored... i was playing the demo last weekend?

Handhelds_FTW5382d ago

I want to try Tekken 6, and RE2 has been rumored for ages now, but never comes.

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Rock Band Doesn't Need Plastic Instruments to Work

TheGamer Writes "Harmonix has proven plenty of times it can make Rock Band work without instruments."

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Community574d ago
Christopher575d ago

I mean, yeah, but was anyone saying otherwise? The fact is people liked the plastic instruments rather than pressing buttons on a controller. They enjoyed the simulated experience.

isarai575d ago

"Work"? No, but to be good? It's absolutely necessary. Not having the accessories is like playing a lightgun shooter with an analog stick sure it works, but one experience is completely unique and fun as hell, and other is torture trying to make do playing in a way it was never meant to be played

LucasRuinedChildhood574d ago (Edited 574d ago )

"trying to make do in a way it was never meant to be played"

I disagree. The accessories were a fun gimmick (and very marketable) but they were added AFTER the genre had been well established with games like Frequency and Amplitude (both also made by Harmonix).

The gameplay formula is different on a controller - there's a focus on switching lanes and contributing to all of the instruments.

Never played Frequency, but Amplitude and Rock Band Blitz were really good. I would love to get more of that kind of game. It's basically a different part of the genre, and stands on its own.

isarai574d ago

The insurmountable difference in popularity between Amplitude and Rock Band proves my point

LucasRuinedChildhood574d ago (Edited 574d ago )

Popularity isn't proof of quality. If it was, then Harmonix wouldn't be making music for Fortnite now. lol. Our disagreement wasn't over which one is more popular. Amplitude and Blitz just aren't "torture" to play.

Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live failed to revive their sub-genre, and Rock Band 4 caused Mad Catz to have to file for bankruptcy. Doesn't mean that instrument-based music games are bad.

It does mean that there's too much overhead and risk for anyone to take a gamble on a big budget game that needs instrument accessories now though.

For the genre to thrive, for now, it needs to do so without the instrument accessories. That's just a fact, unfortunately.

VR games like Beat Sabre (a new sub-genre) and traditional music games make more sense and are more viable right now.

LucasRuinedChildhood574d ago (Edited 574d ago )

*"If quality is always proved by popularity, then Harmonix wouldn't be making music for Fortnite now."

Yi-Long574d ago

I think CHEAP plastic instruments is THE reason why the instrument-genre ‘died’.

People invested in buying the game AND the peripherals, so the guitar, the dj-set, the drum, whatever, and the experience was absolutely fantastic. Great fun, great music, etc.

But then the instruments would break. A button would stop working, or your hits wouldn’t register, and that kind of hardware failure would end in you not being able to play the game as intended, and thus you not getting the scores you deserve.

So, now you had a great game, but a broken instrument, and nobody is gonna buy a new plastic instrument every 3-6 months in order to keep playing the game.

A solution would have been to release better quality instruments (obviously), at a slightly higher price, so you could have kept the new games coming and the genre alive, but sadly, that didn’t happen.