New Crysis Gameplay

Exclusive Crysis multiplayer gameplay from 1UP Show.

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neogeo4579d ago

I dare anyone to say they seen a better looking game


maybe not but this game aint far above the best that ps3 or 180 currently have, and at e3 this game will be forggotten, ps3 will crush all swiftly, you just wait and see

CG4578d ago

"JUST WAIT AND SEE" thats what you sony fanboys was saying even before the ps3 is released.. HAHA

IBLEEDBLU4579d ago

to pass crysis up like its nothing is kinda fanboyish lol
crysis is one of the best looking games out there...

i hate! the speed run fighting style tho - ruins the action way to fast paced for my liking

ben hates you4579d ago

Brothers in arms gives this a run for its money

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