NOWGamer PC Review: Dragon Age: Origins

While EA and BioWare were off courting the lowest common denominator with their sex and violence campaign for Dragon Age: Origins, RPG gamers without thumb callouses and an appreciation for a multi-faceted d20 were left holding the pram. Would an old-school RPG like Baldur's Gate even get a nod from its estranged parents with their console love children, or was this going to be Mass Effect in a fantasy skin? In hindsight we should have had more faith. Having met a respectable portion of the team we can imagine that if it were left completely up to them, we'd be rolling dice in a fourth edition D&D rule set licensed game on a mission to de-throne a resurrected Bhaal.

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DiffusionE4382d ago

Hell yeah. Day 1 purchase.

Tony P4382d ago

One of my few day 1s of the year.

crck4382d ago

Really looking forward to this one.

hitthegspot4382d ago

This game is going to rock...

champ214382d ago

pre ordered this on steam