Warhawk: Aerial Skirmish Gameplay HD

'After testing out the flamethrower we hit the skies to try and destroy the enemy base from above.'

More Beta footage now in HD, enjoy

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Antan4584d ago

Looks really impressive, again im drawn towards the clouds!!!!! nice fluffy clouds!!!

LoveHateTragedy4584d ago

Can't wait to see the final volumetrics in Lair and Killzone. =] The animation in Warhawk was been remarkably improved as well.

achira4583d ago

an awesome game!!!!!!!!!! when does it come out ???????

makingdamage4583d ago

Heavy heavy...

Xbot_Killer4583d ago

and yes the gameplay rocks with kickass graphics. I was skeptical at first but I will definitely pick this one up.

on a side note my son is a Gears of War freak along with halo,crackdown...yada yada yada

ever since he saw me playing warhawk on the PS3, the 360 hasn't been turned on in 3

like I've said many times before, by this time next year people will be like "halo who?, 360 what?..........just my prediction.

nix4583d ago

i don't think it will go to the extent of "halo who?, 360 what?" but yeah.. i liked the son angle... q: that made me laugh!!! he probably thinks that you're the coolest dad now, eh? q:

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The story is too old to be commented.