Ninja Gaiden Sigma Hands-On Update

Tecmo unsheathed a near-final version of its upcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PlayStation 3.

Gamespot has the hands-on Update

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Antan4752d ago

Wasn`t this supposed to be 1080P?

gta_cb4751d ago

yeh i think so.... *thinks.....*

Lord Anubis4751d ago

it wasn't, it is.

I'm assuming they played the game on 720p or its a typo.

ErcsYou4751d ago

the demo runs at 1080i

sonarus4751d ago

Am pretty sure my demo ran at 720p

Athlon4751d ago

I clicked the info button on the remote of my 37" Westinghouse 1080p monitor. It showed it running at 1080p.

Arkham4749d ago

I think the Westys run everything at 1080p, don't they? I've been following the Westy 37" for a long time now, and AFAIK it upscales everything to its native 1080p.

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PS360PCROCKS4751d ago

A bit off topic but all this does is make me wonder about the next version of NG. If it's multi or not. I am a bit jealous that the PS3 gets this...I'm still not sure if I will buy it yet. It would be really odd though if Sony payed to get this game made and the next one was still exclusive to Xbox.

Bloodmask4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

is supposed to be 360 exclusive. Itagaki doesn't do ports. Thats why Sigma got a complete graphics overhaul, more bosses, etc..He's all about quality ...........It doesn't matter all the drones in this post only care about the resolution. You know what's funny I bet they didn't even know what 1080p was before the PS3 hype machine.....By the way drones if you increase the resolution you will cut the frame rate every time. By the way do you think the human eye can even easily detect the difference? Do you know the difference between a 1080 interlaced signal, and one in progressive scan. This post is about the game not the reslution....If your vision isn't good enough you can't even see in 1080p. Do you know the optimal distance to sit away from the television so the retina and lense in your eye can refract the light for optimum 1080p viewing....Better yet I recommend a sundial so you can calibrate actual sunlight coming through your window...............Sony has poisoned your mind...

achira4751d ago

you can be sure ng2 will be on the ps3 also. 1080p 30fps is better than 720p 60 fps, if the 30 fps are constant!

techie4751d ago

that's why it's 1080p at 60fps. As is DMC4

MySwordIsHeavenly4751d ago

I'm not that excited about NGS. It's like they tried to remake the first Devil May Cry...and failed.

Ninja Gaiden will NEVER be Devil May Cry.

Double-Edged4751d ago

I just played Devil May cry 3.
It's so J-pop....

dont compare it to Ninja Gaiden... He's the SUPER NINJA

Bloodmask4751d ago

Sigma will be the best action game on the PS3 period. NGBlack was my favorite XBOX game. The only reason why you are saying that is bc it was released on xbox 1st. There are plenty of reasons why it is better.

Enemies that actually fight back, and block that aren't just combo multipliers
No cheesy voice acting
Interesting, and useful moves and weapons that actually chage gameplay Not just for flash......all the handguns in Devil were pretty much useless
A game designed for hardcare gamers with a difficulty level that most will complain about
Don't get me wrong I own all the devil may cries but it will never surpass the quality graphics, gameplay, and hardcore difficulty of any ninja gaiden made on xbox or after.
.......That is a fact, ask anyone who has played it on XBOX, or anyone who plays Sigma
.......Move on troll

sonarus4751d ago

Am definetly getting this. The difficulty impresses me i havnt had a good single player challenge. I never played this for the xbox but the demo was pretty cool. No good games are droppin except for the darkness and am not so sure the whole concept works that well for a first person shooter if i hear good stuff when it drops i'll probably get that too

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