Poll results: Blu-ray or HD DVD? You say Blu-ray

In last week's reader Poll we asked you, "Is Blu-ray going to beat HD DVD in the high-def format war?" The answer came back as a resounding "yes" with 64% of you rooting for the Sony-led camp.

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nice_cuppa4750d ago

a siily internet poll ! ..........really !

nothing to do with games again.

who activated the sdf ?

ps3 is great....... fanboys aint !

xbox360migs4750d ago

And to vote you had to register and disclose your details anlong with your email address , cos I nearly voted but don't like putting out my details to everyone. A poll should be simple, click a button and many more people will participate hence differnet figures. Blu-ray could have got more or HD DVD...Who knows, all I know is this poll is not to be taken seriously.

gta_cb4750d ago

well the thing is, out of EVERYONE here, who actually knew about the poll? i know i didnt and i think these are stupid.

cain1414750d ago

If you had asked which should win, I would say a resounding yes for Blu-ray. However, Sony may have backed themselves into another beta-max situation where the better technology may fail. Overall, this debate is rather pointless. We really will have no clue which “will win” until someone does win.

DrWan4750d ago

don't look at who is superior/inferior then, look at number of major studio support. Pointless argument, BD is already victorious

WilliamRLBaker4750d ago

i do believe stand alone players in hd dvd are beating blu ray.
then look at how much blu ray movies are beating out hd a pretty small ammount last i checked it was less then 10k.

I think neither format will win:) cause the first player ill get is a dual format player.

DrWan4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

why look at stand alone players, arent' ps3 blu ray players?

there are more blu ray players and more blu ray sales.

gamers are potential movie customers, and when they have the technology readily available, why not take it to the next lv and get a blu ray disc instead of a ordinary dvd?

I do agree with what u were probably 'thinking', ppl that buys stand alone are movie-philes and they would probably buy "more" movies than PS3 owner who's a gamer. But it's really hard to say which PS3 owners are also movie-phil as well, right?

blu ray should come out to the top, its useless argument, i don't think there will be double format for much longer (especially during holiday seasons), retailers do not have enough self space. If you ever worked at a retailer before, their self spaces actually is a cost/return factor into. Something that does not sell well will not stay on self, and most likily will be back catalogue into their online store only.

fenderputty4750d ago

people bought PS3's for movies alone. They were the best deal on the market for Blu-Ray for quite some time. With the recent update, they became one of the best players too.

Also ... I along with many other PS3 owners buy blu-ray movies. I have 3 so far.

Phantom_Lee4750d ago

this WILL start a flame war...

bamdad4750d ago

"YAWN" man its true when they say, seein the scenes of war can disensetize you

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The story is too old to be commented.