Tomb Raider: Anniversary demo available, Q&A, demo details

Tomb Raider: Anniversary demo has been released. Download links can be found below the news at Alternative Sources.

GameSpot is premiering the demo version of the game, and they have new details on what's in the demo, as well as what's planned for the final game, from executive producer Matthew Guzenda.

GameSpot: Let's talk about the demo. What level are you showcasing, and where was it taken from in the game? Can you give us some setup as to what's going on?

Matthew Guzenda: The demo starts at one of my personal favorite spots from the first game, which was the waterfall in the first level. This is about a third of the way through the first level, which is set in Peru. Lara's there searching for part of an ancient artifact called the Scion.

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