New Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway Videos

Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway brings the critically acclaimed squad-based WWII shooter into the next generation of gaming with amazing graphics and sound, new cutting-edge gameplay features and a completely redesigned online component. Delivering on the franchise's compelling story, unrivaled authenticity and intense squad-based action, Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway drops you into Operation Market-Garden, the largest airborne operation of World War II. Lead Matt Baker, Joe Hartsock and the rest of the 101st Airborne Division as they fight to open "Hell's Highway" in a daring bid for a quick end to the war.

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FCOLitsjustagame4801d ago

Ok so friendly tip to all that buy this game like me. When you get to this part watch for mortars at that window :).

q8warrior4800d ago

Damn @@ this game look very freakin good no good is not even closer to disription very very very very awsome game. So Must Buy Game

Dr Pepper4800d ago

This will be, simply put, an amazing game.