Ausgamers: Aion Review (Part 2)


But overall, the key experience one looks for in an MMO, with numerous people active in a persistent and changing game-world are shared experiences. From tackling a dungeon as part of a group suited to your skill and role, to defending a large enemy invasion at a friendly controlled fortress, Aion utilises well executed RPG and character building mechanics to make these things quite accessible. For a person who has no qualms immersing themselves in a deep single-player RPG for numerous hours, playing an MMO like Aion, feels both different and very similar. Instead of a world filled with countless NPCs there're real people, and much like NPCs in single-player games, you pretty much avoid the majority. But when you find a group of like-minded players and work as a team in tackling a simple quest or large dungeon, Aion definitely shines.

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