Insomniac: R&C Future story arc our 'magnum opus'

The Ratchet & Clank "Future" sub-saga is developer Insomniac's "magnum opus", according to senior community manager James Stevenson.

"Hopefully it will be our masterpiece… Not masterpiece but our key Ratchet & Clank storytelling experience. The magnum opus."

"We could do another Ratchet & Clank game. It's a huge IP, big universe and a lot of stories to tell and I'm sure it's a big property for Sony. Sony owns the IP. So, I'm sure this isn't the end for the characters, but I think players will have to see the end of the game to understand more."

Will fans have to wait longer for the next Ratchet & Clank game than they're used to?

"Well that would still imply there would be another game coming," Stevenson replied. "I can't really say."

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3374d ago

...i still want MORE!!! ;-P They are Just FUN Games;)
I don't know why but i seem to be Addicted to collecting Bolts!!! ;-D

Cajun Chicken3374d ago

Hey, hey. What about the PSP games by High Impact Games? Those are pretty good too, especially Size Matters.

Yeah, I own every Ratchet game except obviously; the new one. Not sure if I can afford it this year though.

redDevil873374d ago

Not long left now :) ...

Ninjamonkey3374d ago

Nooo keep them games coming every couple years!!!

Instead of cutting R&C for a while why not just make another small dev deam but within insomniac???

Infact Id even rather that they cancelled Resistance for a while for Ratchet and clank. R&C has ALWAYS been better than Reistance, my miles and miles and miles the games are like on diffenernt ends of the awesome spectrum. R&C is much better.

If they keep making R&C games I'll always play them until I physically cannot play games anymore!!!!