Teenager killed widow with axe in drink-fuelled rage after losing a computer game to his brother

"A schizophrenic teenager killed a grandmother with an axe when he went on a drunken rampage after losing at computer games.

In the hours before the rampage, Callaghan lost three consecutive games of Fifa 2008, playing at home against his younger brother and a friend."

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4348d ago
Software_Lover4348d ago

This is getting ridiculous.

Winter47th4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Where is the reason with these people. Why did he kill his grandmother with an axe for losing a match in a video game, seriously. F'ing animals would have more sense than this meat.

Darkeyes4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

"In a scene of unimaginable horror, Callaghan, who did not know his victim, struck her six times on the head with the axe, chopped off a finger and repeatedly stabbed her in the back, stomach and leg."

OH MY GOD... Killing is one thing, but this is butchering!!!!!

"He also played the computer game Grand Theft Auto".. AND DON'T START THIS CRAP AGAIN... The guy was a maniac and probably on drugs. Blaming games is the lamest excuse...

Such guys should be tied up and every part of their body should be cut piece by piece till they bleed to death... I know it's sick, but what was the poor lady's fault??? Hope her soul rests in peace...

UnSelf4348d ago

one time i lost to my bro in VF2 and threw the controller at him. He punched me in the face pretty hard but i see why now........

I threw that controller that came wit Nights at him

thorstein4348d ago

Don't you guys read the article?

like the whole part about him being schizo, his shrinks not listening to him when he said the "voices" are telling him to kill, that he is violent after he drinks, he drinks to cope with the voices, and that he binge drank after losing at FIFA. Then went outside with an axe and knife, then started attacking others and killed this (not his) grandma. The article goes on to make a lame connection with GTAIV and that the kid MIGHT have played it.

darx4348d ago

I wish we could still hang turds like this from the gallows.

himdeel4348d ago's too decent from some folks :( and this kid deserves to not be around this planet anymore :(

So very sad

SupaPlaya4348d ago

"I threw that controller that came wit Nights at him "

You should know better than that lol...

Darkstorn4348d ago

We should not act like a 3rd world country when it comes to crime and punishment.
On topic, it's a damn shame that he killed the woman. Remember, video games do NOT make people violent, but violent people are attracted to violent video games (was he playing GTA or FIFA? There seems to be dispute...).

f7897904348d ago

Thank god he was only playing Fifa. What are you going to blame now media?

NoBias4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

What in the hell???

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reintype4348d ago

This is getting ridiculous, a man shooting his son bec. of videogames and now this. If you've got anger management issues because of a game, don't take it out on people. Seek help or counselling. Better yet don't play videogames at all.

Seriously, if you suck at playing videogames, a little practice and perseverance is all you need. Don't let the frustration eat you, anyway it's just a game, it's meant to be played for enjoyment, not something you should kill for.


it's not just gamers...

I don't know if it's just me, but it really seems like there is less and less respect for life.

thorstein4348d ago

This has nothing to do with gamers or gaming. Read the article.

Darkstorn4348d ago

He drank because he was frustrated with playing poorly. Read the article.

f7897904348d ago

Schizophrenic teenager! The most unstable type of teenager there is!

thorstein4348d ago

The article does not say he drank because he lost, just that he lost. And how long was he drinking for after those games?????

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Feral Gamer4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Wow, you never see read/see details like those in US news reports. That mirror would never be shown in our newspapers. Such a tragedy. I wonder how many people make up stuff about hearing voices? I wonder if he is really ill or it's just a cop out

Darkstorn4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

The U.S. is a very violent place. Our murder rate is higher than that of countries like Kenya and Albania, and more people in California kill each other with knives than anyone in Canada murders another person with anything (the populations of the two are almost identical). This stuff gets reported on every night on the local news, and it's sickening.

playstation1234348d ago

God people need to relize its just a video game dont take it seriously

SixZeroFour4348d ago

true...but there are also times when ppl should read articles beyond the headlines and put blame where its really due, which was being a schizo and a violent drunk