Xbox 360 Under Rated Upcoming Titles of 07

If you look around, you can probably find a dozen or so articles on the Best Upcoming Games. But what about those under hyped games? Those games stuck in the shadow of Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4. gives them the spotlight for their Xbox 360 Under Rated Titles of 07. Article complete with trailers and previews.

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Saint Sony4284d ago

Underrated? Since when have these be underrated?

PS360PCROCKS4284d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking I am planning on buying stranglehold and Brothers in arms lol oh and DIRT for sure that is such an easy buy.

CroTech224283d ago

A few are actually under rated and some over looked. Dirt is under looked by people only being into Forza 2.

FeralPhoenix4284d ago

Well Dirt looks great and Stranglehold has so much action going on it looks insane, I'm definitely going to pick it up eventually....if not sooner, its just a case of so many great games coming out over the next 4 months that its hard to play everything.

sonarus4283d ago

most of these games are multiplatform. wonder why they are singled out for 360

CroTech224283d ago

Cause the article is a 360 one, and it for the 360 side. I'm sure there will be an article for the most under looked games for the ps3 which will include another game that will be out on the 360 as well.

MySwordIsHeavenly4283d ago

Isn't it obvious? It should be obvious by now...

Also, every one of these games has been hyped since they were announced.

Honestly, the most underrated game of the year will probably be The Darkness. That game is gonna ROCK!!!

CroTech224283d ago

Actually a lot of the games were under hyped due to Gears of War, Halo 3, Mass Effect and Too Human, so no a lot these titles weren't even really talked about as much as the ones i just mentioned.

Xi4283d ago

and made a new crimson skies or mech warrior game... Or better yet mix the 2.

CroTech224283d ago

I can't wait to see a sequel to Crimsion Skies.

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