Frogger Returns Coming to WiiWare/PSN

Konami today announced Frogger Returns for Nintendo WiiWare and PlayStation Network.

Based on the timeless arcade game, the latest iteration of Frogger delivers the addictive dodge-and-run gameplay fans know and love on an all-new platform.

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whothedog3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

O SH*T another PS3 exclusive(I Don't count the wii because than I can't call it exclusive)!? Man PS3 is getting all the AAA games! Is this the Killzone 2 engine?

zeeshan3280d ago

^ I see what you are trying to do and well, you are looking stupid!

On topic: I loved this game back in 80s on my XT computer (if anyone remembers XT computers). Thanks Konami!

Dannagar3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Except that Frogger (complete with updated visuals) was available on XBLA from day one. It's just 5 years late on Playstation 3 and Wii.

whothedog3280d ago

Whats with the disagrees, O it must be the Uncharted 2 engine. :)

Simon_Brezhnev3280d ago

i assume its on PS3 because of the audience since most ps3 owners group up with frogger

coolcole933280d ago

Whereas most of the Xbox fanbase grew up with Master Chief..

ThatArtGuy3280d ago

This will be on X360 too.

BenCrazy4243280d ago

I hope it is not the Atari 5200 version. lol.

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