New motherboard in the XBOX 360 Elite 250GB?

Forza 3 pack Xbox 360 Elite motherboard, new DVD drive, GPU heat pipe removed.

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Cueil3280d ago

Very interesting... it looks like they are able to direct the DVD heat away from the GPU with that and probably reduce the fans and overall power... and woohoo for LiteOn DVD drives

StanLatMarveldotCom3280d ago

I was gonna get a new Elite since I have the orginal 20 GB models but I think I'll wait for the retail release of the 250 GB SKUs. I know they're available in limited editions such as the Forza 3 and Modern Warfare 2 bundles now but you know they'll be replacing the 120 GB SKUs soon.

PS360PCROCKS3280d ago

reduce the fans power? I see this being RROD all over again...the GPU wasn't remotely cooled by that idiotic design. What are they thinking!? I guess maybe the new chips are really cool, otherwise Microsoft is shooting themselves in the foot again.

Shepherd 2143279d ago

i think he means reduce the power used to generate the fans, not reduce the power of the fans themselves.

ReBurn3279d ago

No sense in trying to explain. 80% of the people on this site believe they are engineers.

vhero3279d ago

Meh who cares my 360 has just RROD on me I'm never buying a 360 again new motherboard or not I'm officially now a PS3 only gamer. Time to trade in my 360 stuff for PS3 games..

HolyOrangeCows3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

first 30 Million 360s with these?
That's what I'D like to know.

They can keep changing it, but the first (And majority) of buyers aren't going away.

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snake_eater3280d ago

it will fail eventually like the others, falcon/jaspers they all have the same fate...

silly micro$hit can't do anything right

demonddel3280d ago

if u jump no one would care so do us a favor

bruddahmanmatt3280d ago

Anyone else find the irony in the phrase "NEW DVD Drive"?

XBLGT B1GMACNFR1ES3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

actually my jasper xbox has been totaly faultless and im not just saying it so try and win a fanboy war.

[EDIT]- 2 disagrees in 2 minutes not bad. well because of the ghost disagrees i assume you have been in my house and played on my 360. wow whats douches this site is a joke but because its a joke it keeps me coming back for some laughs.

ReviewsArePolitics3279d ago

^^^^^^We don't disagree because we've been to your house, we just disagree with what you're trying to imply you stupid fvck.

XBLGT B1GMACNFR1ES3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

oi the only thing im trying to imply is that my xbox atm is fautless. cant you get to gripes with. wow yet another 14 year old on this site. now be good or i wont take you out for ice ream tomorro. whining and cussing poeple do against someone over plastic and metal is way over the top on this site.

you could of acted your age assuming you hav an age worth typing about but you get all 14 year old on me.

WildArmed3279d ago

instead of Disagree, think of it as 'I dont beleive you'
Or I've had expereinces that beg to differ.
No need to get worked up on disagrees.
I get disagrees if I say Hi 0,0
lol Gotta love the disagree ghost

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falconm803280d ago

Looks like it will take longer for the RROD to happen on those motherboards

militant073280d ago

this nothing i want more info and pics

jjesso19933280d ago

they have also made it impossible to flash the dvd drive in this one i heard

Immigrant3280d ago

its just at the moment
there is a way, trust me

how do u think they got the stock fw on the drive in the first place

El_Colombiano3280d ago

There is and will ALWAYS be a way.

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