Video: Japanese Goldeneye Advert

How do you successfully advertise a western-styled shooter in Japan? This is how!
There is no doubt that Goldeneye is a classic title, and one that is still regarded as many people's favorite entry into the shooter genre (that is, until they take off their rose-tinted spectacles).

But, do our Japanese brethren share in our love for Rare's stellar accomplishment? Certainly it has always been difficult to successfully market western styled games (particularly shooters) in Japan.

Of course that doesn't mean it can't be done, and this video is proof of that. We only wish that, now and again, western publishers would take a similar approach to marketing over here.

Anyway, be sure to take off your serious hat and then jump right on and check it out:

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Auron4756d ago

yeah I probably would of never bought that game if I saw that tv ad.