Game Informer agrees: PSP failure is a myth

The June issue of Game Informer has a feature about gaming's big questions. One of these is whether or not the PSP is a failure. Unsurprisingly, these claims are reduced to nothing more than simple falsities, spouted by Sony haters. As the Game Informer article smartly states: "How does selling 10 million units equate to failure?"

Amongst many reasons listed is the undeniable fact that the PSP is the first serious portable competitor of Nintendo to find success. Before the DS Lite came out, PSP was actually beating DS in sales (according to NPD). To sum it up, no rational, unbiased gamer can list the PSP as a failure.

We all know the PSP is a success, it's just nice to see the often PSP hating press finally agree with us.

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CyberSentinel4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

I just wish it had dual thumbsticks.

@2: I don't hate all things Sony, I love their games, televisions, camcorders, even previous consoles.
My beef, as I have stated before, is with the PS3.
I'm not some automaton who hates all things Sony, because its Sony.

gta_cb4751d ago

yeh i love my PSP aswell, and yeh i wish it had daul thumbsticks. then games like Starwars Battlefront 2 wouldnt SUCK, and yes it does, i own it and i dont play it because you have to press L or R and a direction on the only analogue stick just to aim, and by doing this you cant move your player so its very limited.

Rockstar4752d ago

You forgot to add the words "Blind Lemmings" to your post.

Turning over a new leaf?

PS360WII4752d ago

PSP is good. Hardly the best handheld ever seeing that the library of games for it after 3 years is nothing near the best. Sure it's getting a few titles now that are uber. PSP is no failure for sure it's an awesome handheld, but Nintendo still makes the best handhelds. They don't have full domination anymore, however they still have a lot. It almost seems that both handhelds are making the portable gaming world into a very lucrative business.

sonarus4752d ago

PSP is the best handheld ever. The titles it has gathered in the past 3 yrs are far more engaging than any other handheld.

P.s. Can't wait for remote play i am not at home and wnt be home for about two weeks and i wanna watch movies frm ma ps3:)

Clinton5144752d ago

Only an idiot would call it a failure without looking at the hard facts. Sure it isn't #1, but it's still up there.

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The story is too old to be commented.