Top 5 MMOs That Should Be On Game Consoles

Brighthub writes:

"For every gamer out there that loves hardcore console games but wishes that there were more MMO-type games for consoles, here is a list of MMOs that fit that profile and should be on game consoles."

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reintype3279d ago

It's like a cross between Final Fight/Golden Axe side-scrolling MMO and it's free. If I were the developer I'd port it over to XBLA/PSN and/or better yet on the PSP. People with retro cravings will eat it up, specially the PSP which has no MMO yet, it could be really big, imagine playing this thing on the go.

Here are some vids from GameTrailers

Myst3279d ago

Oh hell no. After mastering D and K-style I couldn't see how I would be able to replicate the actions again on the 360 or the PS3 controller. Not to mention I don't want to get carpal tunnel again from this game. In any event if it was put onto consoles it would be another third person shooter pretty much; which isn't a bad thing per say, but it would probably feel like Borderlands, but in third person and no story what so ever. Which once you think about it isn't that bad.

Mutliplayer+Boss fights=Fun (I think)

JsonHenry3279d ago

I think games like Dungeon Fighter and Maplestory should be on consoles.

champ213279d ago

would need a keyboard mouse to have a proper mmo on a console.

even then the fps would drop with so many ppl on the screen.

DiffusionE3279d ago

There's one MMO that would definitely be a hit with console fanboys, World Of Fight. :P

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