Look at Those Legs Game of the Day - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Analyzing how Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has performed in weekly sales in the time since its launch period.

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Jerk1203278d ago

Who gives an ass about sales.

It doesn't change how bad of a game it is.

Jesus, what a flop.

zenosaga043278d ago

Wow! you're trying really hard aren't you?

WildArmed3278d ago

yet it still looks better then any racing game out there.

*starts repeating* Definitive definitive definitive..
i should stop lol

Noctis Aftermath3278d ago

i've just barely kept myself from buying prologue several times and the reason is simply that it's a demo.
i really want to play gran turismo on my ps3 but i don't want half a game.

WildArmed3278d ago

Ditto, but I didnt buy it because... I dont like racers -.- (well thats not really the reason thou)
But I do love photo-realistic graphics. And this trailer really tempted me soo much to buy it:
Ofc, the music played a huge roll too lol
But I decided to put it off because it was a month too close to MGS4.. June 12th..
and being the MGS junkie that I am.. I needed a month's rest before tackling that game. lol
-.- I know it was a lame excuse to put off GT5P, but heck I didnt touch another game till late Fall of 08. stupid mgs4 xD

Snoogins3278d ago

I didn't buy Prologue because essentially it is as they say "a glorified demo." You can bet your sweet behind that I'm going to buy GT5, day one if finances are permitting and I haven't met my maker

@Sky007 I too am a huge Metal Gear junkie. MGS4 was partly ruined by jerkoff 360 fanboys at VGChartz sending me spoilers in the mail, which is one of the main reasons I no longer go to that site. Also I had already predicted all the major plot twists because...I am a Metal Gear junkie. :P ...and was heavy into conspiracy theories at the time, which helps because that is the core to the Metal Gear universe.

RussDeBuss3278d ago

i would say it's more like half a game, than a demo so i didn't mind paying 20 quid for it, i've spent more money on worse games than that

FamilyGuy3278d ago

Actually, when compared to the real GT5, Prologue is about "a tenth of a game" and that's the reason why I didn't buy it but will definitely be picking up the full game.

PirateThom3278d ago

I got Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on day 1 and, honestly, I've got a ridiculous amount of play out of it, considering the limited content thanks to drifting on Eiger Nordwand.

Now, I have moved onto drifting on Ice Arena on GT PSP.

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cmrbe3278d ago

and more to buy GT5 when it arrives. GT5 is going to be the biggest selling GT title ever.

Cyrax_873278d ago

Do you think it'll sell more then GT3 though (15 mil)?

cmrbe3278d ago

Mostly because by the time GT5 comes out there will be close to 27-29 million PS3. GT3 came out when there were only 19 million PS2 at 299.

Another factor is i think GT5 will be the highest rated GT. The fact that PD spent close to 5 years on polishing it as well as the largest racing game ever at an insane quality will garuntee it being hailed a milestone in gaming and take over from where GT3 left off.

I truly believe that GT5 is going to be the racing sim game to beat until next gen with GT7.

Noctis Aftermath3278d ago

i personally think they should just release download content packs for GT5 and hold off on GT6 until the PS4.

Snoogins3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I think it will be interesting to see how GT5 performs compared to its previous iterations. More factors are at play here, considering the PS2 and Gran Turismo didn't have any serious competition then, and the PS3 and GT must now contend with the 360 and Forza franchise. Some people will buy both, some will buy Forza and PS3-only owners like me will be buying GT5. I am confident GT5 will easily sell more than Forza 3, but how much more compared to it and the previous GTs is anyone's guess. In the end, all that matters to me is that I am buying GT5 and I will have a great time.

ZOMBIEMAN13278d ago

if you want to know how much GT5 will sell and score just look at GT5P it scored 80 metacritic so GT5 will be probably be around 99 why i say that because GT4P scored 70 and GT4 89 and since GT4P was the same as GT5P a glorified demo we can expect 99 or close to it , sales wise GT5 will be the second best selling GT game with at least 12.19 million copies sold since again back to GT4P & GT4 GT4P sold 1.36 while GT4 sold 10.36 so GT5 will be around 12.19 million because GT5P sold around 3.19 actually more but since VGcharts don't have the actual numbers i'll be around 12.19 million that's my prediction for GT5 succes and GT5 will finally shut up the fanboys with there TEH sales comments . ok now give me Michael Pacher's job because see i can predict stuff 2

ZOMBIEMAN13278d ago

i respectively disagree since GT has always had competition in form of Need 4 Speed yeah 1 is a sim but believe it or not Need 4 Speed was a good game back in the day but Forza won't affect GT5 in anyway just like how LBP won't affect Mario or KZ2 with Halo GT has a large fanbase and we'll see that when GT5 comes out . PS give me bubbles please fanboys have taken almost all my bubbles because i'm a gamer that speaks the truth

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Gilga3278d ago

GT5P really deserves it, great game.