Gametrailers : DJ Hero Review HD

Is it a broken record or should you give it a spin?

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blikz3280d ago

Why? because every time when they review almost every game, they always leaves question first..

Is it a broken record or should you give it a spin? @[email protected]

AKNAA3280d ago

For some weird reason, this review convinced me to get this game... Or maybe its because i'm really feelin' the tracks on this game.

anyhow, I'll wait til the price gets to a half-way mark.

BulletToothtony3280d ago

g4tv has been reviewing games exactly the way they should.. but oh well.. one guitar hero is enough for the console lifetime.. there's no need to milk the franchise once or twice a year

activision is getting more concerned about money and less concerned about gamers..

asdr3wsfas3280d ago

The turntable for this game is a huge pos - try it as bestbuy. Might be fun but wait for 3rd party tables.

For the price you may as well save a little more and get actual the time you're ok with them splurge on a good mixer. It's not like playing guitar where the barrier to entry is huge. The hardest part of djing is having an ear for how to mix songs.

Scary693280d ago

Well I tried this game at my local best buy and I must say it is not easy to master. But with A LOT of practice you can but I do love the music (was getting tired of the rock music)and it would be a neat game to play especially since you can also use your guitar.