Xbox Live Marketplace: Feeling Ripped Off?

Gamers are in an uproar about the price of some downloadable content. But is it really a raw deal?

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BubblesDAVERAGE4751d ago

I think xbox live is a rip. So you pay to use your own internet to play games. A bunch of BS to me. You guys keep paying and Ill have my ps3 and keep playing. Best 600 bucks i ever spent coimming outta the box.

Chemical4750d ago

and what you get out of the box... is a brand new BLU-RAY PLAYER!!!!!

wooo hoooo!!!!!

Xi4750d ago

maybe you should read the article.

Skizelli4750d ago

You buy a $600 console that doesn't have a respectable library of games (yet) and complain about paying $50 a year for LIVE? Irony. People spend more on cigarettes, fast food and other junk that gives them pleasure. Free is always great and all, but $50 for a year isn't asking too much. On the other hand, I do think the pricing on some things is a bit high, like TV episodes, XBLA games that are 20 years old ($5?) and a lot of the DLC content available for games (like the upcoming Worms DLC -- almost $5 for 2 landscapes that should have been included in the first place). Themes and gamer pics should be free, also. Most of them suck anyway. Despite all that, I'm content with the service. If I heard correctly, EA's games have dedicated servers.

I'm asking this as an honest question, I'm not trying to prove a point here, but will all PS3's games have dedicated servers? I know Motor Storm has dedicated servers, but what about RFoM and any other online games?

Cerpin Taxt4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

RFOM has dedicated servers w/ 40 player matches, and even though ps3s service is free and the dedicated servers are nothing less than great, i miss having the unified friends list, the ability to access the dashboard menu in play and people talking, i think its too much hassle for people to use blue tooth and when you do people still dont talk, ruining the team experience and connection from the 360, they both have drawbacks, and their constantly working on them, so they will only get better (Im satisfied with xbl's content, i love it)

uxo224750d ago

Try to stay with me here, without allowing fanboyism take over. XBL cost you approx .14 cents a day. That's 6 one hundreds of a cent per hour. Hear are some of the things people spend money on without even giving it a second thought. The average person pay 40 bucks per week on gasoline for their SUV. (wow that's equal to 286 days of XBL.) Taking your girl to a movie with refreshments, 30 -40 bucks. Morning capacino 3.50 (Geez, that's 25 days of XBL.)

All I'm trying to say is it's not that much to pay 50 PER YEAR for something that you enjoy having. A lot of PS3 users tend to use the cost of XBL as a weapon during flamewars. When I bought my PS3 I had to go out and get an HDMI cable (39 bucks) that translates to 279 days I could have used on XBL. Now, lets say you're like me an owns both systems, the 600.00 I spent on my PS3 equates to a whopping 4286 days or almost 12 YEARS of XBL. Now, does 600.00 sound expensive for 12 years of any kind of service that you enjoy having? It doesn't to me!

It's all just a matter of perspective.

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eques judicii4751d ago

if something is expensive and i disagree with the price i don't buy it... simple enough... same in any store, if its too expensive for you don't buy it.

The service itself is great and the amount of content that gets put up (quickly compared to the delay of getting trailers/demos on psn) is great.

if you buy everything then you are getting ripped... but the thing is, most of the time you don't have to... in fact, outside multiplayer map packs (which you should pay for because they are expansions) no DLC is really required (and even the map packs aren't... but just lame to play online w/o them)

FCOLitsjustagame4750d ago

If you wait long enough some of it will roll to free also, or they will have a specail weekend where you can get it for free. Additional content created by the developers (stuff that was not created when the original game was built) should be charged for as you say since the company does have to recoup that cost. EA takes it a step too far by purposfully leaving out content they already created and then charging for it. So for that stuff, I just dont buy it.

CyberSentinel4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

Take Oblivion for instance, with all the
downloads/extensions/expansion s on Marketplace you can extend that game for at least 100 hours. I see nothing wrong with the pricing model. If it doesn't interest you, don't buy it.

Sphinx4751d ago

I don't think it is too expensive at all. To spend around $50 a year for a service like Xbox Live is perfectly reasonable, especially when you compare it to the PSN... which is free, sure, but I'd rather (get ready for a metaphor!) pay for a car to get me to where I want to go, instead of using the bicycle my older brother gave me for free.

carlman234750d ago

But you DO get more with Xbox Live, that's a given. It's the one thing that Microsoft has really pushed further than the other console manufacturers. At the moment, the PlayStation Network is in its infancy and may become better; however, as it stands, it's no rival for the features included in Xbox Live. The cost of a decent Bluetooth wireless headset is the equivalent of TWO YEARS of Xbox Live... but my 360 included a headset in the box... oh and pretty much all games support voice chat.

Both services have ups and downs, but like everything else, you get what you pay for.

The Snake4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

Your 360 also came with cables capable of outputting HD graphics out of the box. Don't forget about that.

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