Gamer Announced For Blu-ray Release

Lionsgate has officially announced that Gamer will be making its way to Blu-ray on January 19th 2010. Gamer stars Gerard Butler of 300 fame. The Blu-ray disc will add the interactive I-Con viewing mode with expanded visual commentary and scene-specific commentaries along with the following.

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crazy250003304d ago

for a second there i thought it was a game announced

caliblue153304d ago

For people that own a PS3 or love Technology, they might want to know these things. News isn't always for everybody.

Marceles3303d ago

lol Blu-ray already? This movie must've bombed

Double Toasted3303d ago

I'm waiting for District 9 since I missed the theatrical release.

caliblue153303d ago

Think there was a release date on it, let me check.

Myth3303d ago

Doesn't every new movie come out on Blu-ray?

caliblue153303d ago

95% of them do now, some still are DVD releases only. But the major point of the article is to highlight the release date of the movie on Blu-ray and the technical specifications of the movie (make it look and sound better depending on different parameters).

CryWolf3303d ago

Yea guys this is real good news about Blu-ray releases and how mandy other new movies making its way to the real High-definition format.

Ares84PS33303d ago

.....this movie is terrible by the way. I was disapointed when I watched it in theaters.

Now....if it was all Star Wars movies comming to blu-ray, that would be news!

JayX6663303d ago

Darth maul fight scene in blu-ray... yes please.

Jeff2573303d ago

Im still waiting on Star Wars and all the Indiana Jones movies on blu ray. But I dont care much for Gamer. I didnt even go see it in theaters.

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