Forza Motorsport 2 - The first 10 minutes

Xboxyde demonstrates Forza Motorsport 2 in a ten minutes long video.

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Fanboys are gay4795d ago

this game rocks so much, the track in the demo is the blandest one out of all i have played so far, i spent the first 20 mins painting my car and putting vinyls on it and the wheel adds so much to the game the computer opponents spin you out a lot which can get a bit annoying but makes it more challenging , they seem to ram you more when u ram them first so forget about those little jaggies there still in the final but the game looks so good you wont care so i'm out to play some more online

crystallakekiller4795d ago

i wont forget the demo,from what i can see this game still look bad...i dont want to pay for half-good games...i will put my money on dirt,not forza2 for sure!im so dissapointed on this game,i still dont understand why they did not push the release date and take this time to upgrade the graphics!! theres still pop-ups!!!look at the reflection on the car!thats just ugly!jaggies,pop-up,low resolution thanks!

Fanboys are gay4794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

well if your that closed minded to dismiss the game based on the demo then who cares what you think, once you put some vinyl on the cars you dont even notice the reflections and forza is about customisation, and once you play the full game you take that all back what are you talking about low res's when you play a circut like the speedway you wont be saying that so if you want a run of the mill acrade game get dirt, and i take it you dont even have a 360 as you say you havent played dirt and the demo went live last thursday

crystallakekiller4794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

if im closed have your eyes shut!!you are the perfect customer....if i was microsoft or sony....i would love to have you as a customer,you are so easy to please!you would buy anything!you are very try to convince yourself that the graphics are ok.."you wont even see the low res" open your eyes and youll see it!and by the way i have my 360,i also have the ps3.....and good for you if your happy with a half-good game and you dont mind spending your money like that!but i dont and like it or not,forza2 suck graphic wise!so stop defending are not a microsoft representant!

Fanboys are gay4794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

ha ha your a funny guy, and i am one of microsoft's worst customers the only things i bought from them are the console controlers and the racing wheel so use your powers of perception sherlock holmes and work out why i'm a bad customer