Left 4 Dead 2 promo raises a groan

TVGB: "This, in the wise words of our editor, is "that silly Brit humor only you guys get." It's also part of Valve's massive promotional campaign for Left 4 Dead 2. That should account for about £50 of the $25 million they had to spend then."

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Cowzilla33282d ago

Silly British and their jokes.

AliTheBrit193282d ago

Shaun of the Dead - Best horror comedy of all time, British Comedy WINS

gaffyh3281d ago

I like it, although not enough game shown and it's too long.

mantasis3281d ago

Does the US version get a cricket bat? I would totally own with a cricket bat...booooyeah

timmyrulz3282d ago

Silly foreigners and your anti british views

hoops3281d ago

Love British comedy! Dave Allen at Large and Monty Python!