Japan Amazed By L33T Speak

L33T Speak probably isn't something you want to teach someone, if only because it is an annoying way to type. But an American reporter decided that Japan needs to learn the fine nuances of the 'l33t' language and the Japanese audience seemed thrilled with this new way of typing!

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jack who3370d ago

zzıɥs 11nq ɯns sıɥʇ

CrippleH3370d ago

You can thank old school Counter Strike fans for 1337 speak.

zootang3369d ago

I thought it was the british with the invention of texting back in the early nintys

Timesplitter143369d ago

I'd rather BLAME them for l33t speak

Azurite3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

It spread from Quake.
Though, make no mistake, it existed even before then. But Quake and later Quake3 messed it up and spread it to Counter-Strike, polluting it.

evrfighter3369d ago

im fairly positive it was invented by starcraft players. But made popular by cs players

HolyOrangeCows3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

''L337'' speak is just stupid abbreviations and numbers used instead of letters.

It was not invented by any community. I DEFINITELY remember McD signs using numbers if they ran out of a letter back before online gaming was anything (Or even the internet).

SaberEdge3369d ago

That was great. I love the Japanese.

SixZeroFour3369d ago

i thought it was first used by hackers

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Saaking3370d ago

leet speak is just annoying. I don't see what the point is really. Anyone with a brain can understand leet speak so you might as well type normally.

D4RkNIKON3369d ago

It is annoying but as gamers we are used to it. Every thing we talk about and read gets abbreviated. Game titles especially..

MGS4 to name just a few examples. But you and I know exactly what each of those means.

Pennywise3369d ago

That is not l33t speak... thats abbreviations or acronyms .

D4RkNIKON3369d ago

It is all relative Pennywise... BTW do you listen to Pennywise or does your name just refer to "IT"

Pennywise3369d ago

My name originated from the band... The it avatar is too cool :)

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Jerk1203370d ago

Just like they were and still are thrilled with the English language.

Don't tell Japan about these things, it only makes things worse.

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