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"Just because the PS3 has a supposed ten-year life cycle doesn't prevent us from dreaming about the next generation of consoles, the ones that will probably display lifelike graphics, connect us to millions of other gamers and make breakfast at 60 frames a second. It's certainly not too early to fantasize about the next batch of machines, especially with Microsoft's desire to beat Sony to the punch and the Nintendo Wii looking more outdated with each passing year. That's why it wouldn't surprise us to, at the very least, hear some rumblings (if only rumors) from the big three manufacturers and third parties designing the technology; we heard about Sony's Cell processor, for example, long before seeing the PlayStation 3. With that, here's a look at what you'll probably see from these future consoles."

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Sanzee3305d ago

I think games like Uncharted 2 and Mass Effect 2 are the closest thing we have to what the next generation of games will be like. Uncharted 2's graphics and storyline, and Mass Effect 2's graphics and storyline. Both are incredible. These days, developers can't make bad games. Next-gen games are far too expensive to create... they cannot afford to make crappy ones. Then again it's people like Naughty Dog and Bioware that caused this. They set the standard so high, and to tell you the truth, I'm completely fine with that! :)

indyman77773305d ago

Yeah graphics will be the reason once again that people want a new console.

One thing this article gets wrong like all others. Just because there is ( true or not) a 10 year life cycle does not mean Sony will not release a ps4 before ten years are up. Look at PS2 it has a 10 year life cycle according to Sony right? It launched in 1999-2000 10 years are not up until 2009-2010.
Yet the PS3 launched in 2006. So likewise when ps4 launches dont expect 10 years to be up! Ps3 will still be around getting a few games here and there just like ps2 did, and just like ps1 did before it. The AAA titles will go to the new machine (just like now).

3sq3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Ehh NO, Mass Effect 2 had nothing on Uncharted 2.

Edit: Dragon Age Origins is also made by BioWare and that game looks like crap.

NO, Graphic-wise, BioWare is not on the same level as Naughty Dog.

Ju3305d ago

Graphics in combination with lifelike animations (needs quite some juice) and more and more physics (full interactive environments). Visuals alone (as in number of polys and pretty textures) won't do it.

Saaking3305d ago

Next don't start till Sony says so.

Jerk1203305d ago

And you better hope that this time Sony starts fast, or they might end up losing the next console war also.

itchy183305d ago

so you're saying that ps3 has already lost the console war this gen? hmm i don't think so. remember, the game is just the start.

champ213305d ago

next gen was out 2 years ago.. when crysis launched.

consoles will just catch up in 2012..

sony will tell you next gen has started, then you will blindly beleive and pay additional for whatever they feed you ;-)

open your eyes crysis is what next gen console games will look like.

cyborg69713304d ago

Whatever chump. You pc gamers think it's all about you. Crysis doesn't move more pc's. And there is no cycle for pc just constantly upgrading. Pc gaming suxs.

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NateNater3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

I have this weird feeling that when PS4 comes out, it will follow the same pattern as PS3. First two years will be somewhat difficult and the third year and on it will really shine. Thats just my prediction though.

Here's the prediction from the article:
"Sony: After stumbling out of the gate with PS3 (bizarre marketing campaign, numerous game delays, no rumble in its controllers), Sony will build on those mistakes and successes to release a console that satisfies everyone's demand on day one. Trophies, an improved online service (ala Xbox Live) and revamped PlayStation Store will be available, as well as Blu-ray support (or whatever we use in the future) and movie downloads."

Doesn't PS3 already have everything the article mentioned? I think Sony will take a much different direction than what the article says.

hay3305d ago

Actaully Cell seems to be long term tech which can be scaled in new generation. Probably they'll use more powerfull Cell variation so difficulties with making games on it will disappear since the tech will be known perfectly by the time.
PS4 should have a lot better start.

I wonder what new stuff they'll put in PS4. Jump from PS2 and 3 is huge technologically speaking.

mal_tez923305d ago

It will probably have a revamped version of its current processor, not a new one entirely. It will have a new graphics card and mor RAM, and probably come standard with a 1TB HDD. It will maybe be compatable with the next level of High Definition. As for disc storage, I think it still might employ Blu-ray, but be compatable with those 200GB discs I've heard about.

I think they will continue to use the same PSN (which is fine), but update it with more features. I also think the Operating System will remain similar to how it is now, a remastered XMB with a bit more functionality.

As more motion control, I seriously hope not. The best Wii games are the one you play with a regular controller, like Smash Bros Brawl, I hate waving my arms around like a di*khead.

sorceror1713304d ago

@mal_tez92 - Definitely an upgraded Cell. Faster clock, more SPUs for sure. *Possibly* an extra PPE (the "standard" CPU core). But it'll be backward-compatible with the existing Cell so they won't have to include extra hardware to play PS3 games.

Then it's just more RAM, upgraded graphics. They might take a page from the 360 and include an equivalent to the EDRAM buffer the 360 uses to get scaling and AA "for (almost) free".

I don't think the PS4 will come out at such a high price point; that definitely hurt the PS3 and Sony will avoid bruises like that again. As to when... almost certainly the PS4 will come after the Xbox 720 and the Wii HD. Sony's got a lot bundled into the PS3 now, and they've still got headroom to push the PS3 further for a while yet.

On the other hand, just because all this makes sense doesn't mean Sony will actually do it. :->

kaveti66163305d ago

I wonder if either Sony or Microsoft will decide to use more high-end processors and GPUs to maintain a temporary parity with PCs.

t8503305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

even if microsoft or sony went for a 4870 equivilant gpu.

which is pretty much obselte in the pc industry... its 3x as powerful as a ps3 or xbox.

if the next gen console is coming out by 2012..

i would expect the gpus in them to be about 1 gen behind what ever the pc has at that time.

i would think the power lvl of 5870 crossfire.. will be pretty standard by that time.. which is alot of power.. thats about 10x the power of a ps3 of xbox, i think that will be the minimum micro or sony will be shooting for next gen.

next gen it will come to a point where price is more important then power.. because power will be at a lvl where developers may do as they wish.

PC gaming already doesnt need any more upgrades because there is too much power now.. and developers dont have the funds to take advantage of so much power.

so next gen its all about who is more cost effective.

micro and sony will need to work on the price of multiplat games to stay in line with the pc. it already costs more to own a console vs pc.

Software_Lover3305d ago

The available ram is the downside of both the ps3/360. Ps3 makes up for it with the disc storage and streaming from blu-ray but they both bombed with the 512mb.

HDgamer3305d ago

Nah, that argument is insanely laughable because you can see what's being done on which console.

riskibusiness3304d ago

Not sure about PS4 or Wii HD, but at least with the next xbox there is supposedly going to be a special purpose chip embedded with a new ATI GPU along with more EDRAM. A CousticOne chip will also be embedded with the GPU. There is also testing with embedding all the chips onto one die along with a moderately improved IBM CPU's. Although the machine is intended to increase Graphics, AI, Physics by a factor of 20, this is the last generation of hardware console as we know them because there is an effort to move into hosted gaming and streaming. All processing will be done on a server and sent to a smaller, cheaper devices. This will be in 2017 time frame. Expect the next xbox to be announced early 2011, and released that holiday season. Some other information:

Primary: Digital Download, secondary: physical media (requires USB optical drive)
USB Blue-ray optical drive addon
Natal USB standard
Controller will be about the same
Built in wireless
USB 3.0
Debate about RAM 2-4 GB,
HD: w/system 500GB, Add-ons up to 1-1.5 TB.
I heard some ramblings about support for up to 3 HDTV's per console. Some newer ATI tech.

Power supply will be built into the console and 1/2 the size of the current XBOX the goal.

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