If life were more like a Video Game…(resumeplay)

resumeplay writes: "We all sometimes wish that life was more like a video game. Life would be so much easier….or would it? I've complied a list of things to keep in mind before you think such lofty thoughts. Some of these are positive, others….not so much. You've been warned."

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ZombieAutopsy3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I seen the episodes of Futurama with the What If Machine, so i know what life would be like if it was more like a video game.

I think they also forgot to add the "All the bad things that are happening in the world are your fault because of something you did X years ago."

mau643279d ago

Lol, I agree with that one.

Ziriux3279d ago

What if is my favorite saying, it allows us to dream and only think and wish.

UnSelf3278d ago

if life was a vid game then some areas would be blocked off by some invisible wall.

Im just glad life isnt a JRPG. omg can u imagine? a turn based rpg where u get smacked then have to wait ur turn to smack someone back lmao

droid and bot3278d ago

i would be flying naked with a boner and a shotgun and trying to hunt rats and fighting sword fights with my penis

now thats the ultimate vid. Game

NoBias3278d ago

I'd be an unlockable character.

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brandynevils3279d ago

This is a nice break from the normal reviews, previews, and news. This list gave me quite a good chuckle.

Sleeping would cure everything from the common cold to death by repeated impalement.
If you ever met someone at night, under a full moon, you would fall in love with each other.
Expect all red barrels to explode if shot.

Just to name a few... ha ha ha ha.

CheatsMcGee3279d ago

Let's not forget the ability to be able to save and load at will.

Heck, I would be doing that all the time if I had the powers to do so.

mau643279d ago

I can think of some moments I would us this lol

brandynevils3279d ago

Just think Cheats- all of your "skills" could be put to use. You would NEVER have to get a real job that way :D

Saaking3279d ago

Would bots suffer from RROD? I Think yes.

brandynevils3279d ago

It'd be much like the Swine flu I think. And then the sony droids would be the mentally challenged of the world.

Theory3278d ago

You can change your point of view from first person to third person.

You can change the resolution of your life.

When pointing a gun a cursor will be in the direct center of your sight.

Just to name a few other ideas.

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