Xbox 360 Not Wanted As Much As Wii/PS3 Amongst Teens For Holiday

Xbox 360 Not Wanted As Much As Wii/PS3 Amongst Teens For Holiday Earlier today we reported on the Game Crazy 2009 games wishlist survey here at Blend Games. In addition to the games wishlist, Game Crazy also released data on a console wishlist as well, and it appears that tweens and teens have very little interest in the Xbox 360, or rather, none at all.

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rCrysis5088d ago (Edited 5088d ago )

every tween who's ever wanted a 360 already has one. i myself, couldn't hold myself from buying one to play halo 3 back then

zeeshan5088d ago

I think it would be easy for teenagers to convince their parents to get a PS3 because it is an all-in-one entertainment package. Comes with BluRay, Wifi and has a great lineup of video games!

chaosatom5088d ago (Edited 5088d ago )

-has better exclusives games.
-Some of the exclusive xbox games are now transferring to PS3.
-People don't want to pay $50 for online.
-People don't want to deal with shoddy hardware.
-Halo and Gears audience already bought a 360.

Games on Xbox can sell a lot, but not the hardware itself.

presto7175088d ago

I might still be getting a 360 though. Probably when the next gen starts, and it gets to like 99 bucks or something.

darthv725088d ago

Some of your points are valid and others are just opinion. Overall when they were different prices I wouldnt have been surprised at 360 selling better than ps3. Now that they are equally priced I feel ps3 will sell more this holiday. I dont even count the arcade as a viable sku in this.

MS is fighting in two rings at the same time. Low end Arcade vs the Wii for the same price. High end elite vs ps3 slim for the same price.

MS is the middle of a double stuffed oreo.

pharmd5088d ago

oh boy.... in comes the defense force.... lol

it only makes sense though... i mean cmon, it only does EVERYTHING!

IdleLeeSiuLung5088d ago

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 still snuck onto the list as a favorite-pick among some males between 11 and 17 years of age, along with the expensive add-on pack known as Halo 3: ODST."

source: http://www.cinemablend.com/...

Is it really necessary to label it an "expensive add-on pack".

Apart from that, don't we always hear this every year. Both Sony and Nintendo has much stronger brand recognition so this is no surprise. Also, I can't seem to find the actual survey information on gamecrazy's site.... They didn't properly link it.

soxfan20055088d ago (Edited 5088d ago )

So, I guess the 360 is more popular with gamers in their 20's and 30's.

After all, if teens and tweens supposedly have no interest in the 360, who is buying the hundreds of thousands of 360's every month?

WenisWagon5088d ago

That is because the prepubescent teens want the ps3 and wii, while the big boys play with the Xbox 360.

Sarcasm5088d ago

"oh boy.... in comes the defense force.... lol "

LMAO I think it's hilarious after you said that, the two right below you come spinning in.

gaffyh5088d ago

@Idle - I hate it when people say that just because you don't like ODST you're biased against 360? A LOT of people don't like ODST and think it was an expensive add on. Think about how much content there was, and now think about how much of it was actually new? They just repackaged it and sold a small campaign for $60. 100% Genuine truthful fact.

XxZxX5088d ago

I'm very surprise, teen dont care about media capability, all they care about is playing games with their friends which xbox 360 deliver. Maybe parent with multiple kids are not happy with $50 per person each year, and they found out PS3 is free. so might as well pushes PS3 to the kids.

Wii is a huge popular trend. It's cool to get a Wii at home if you are not a hardcore gamer among teens. So Microsoft cant compete with that.

Darkstorn5088d ago

The Xbox 360 is a great console, but it's time has come and gone. Now dawns the age of the Playstation 3 (that is, when the gimmick that is the Wii finally dies).

Darkstorn5088d ago

My parents never had any interest in the media functionality of the PS3, and now they think it was a waste of money because I told them it was 'in HD.' The thing is, we don't have an HDTV (*eye roll). My point is, parents these days need lots of convincing.

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sikbeta5088d ago

Those "Only Does Everything" Ads work very well XD

Now Teens want to make a big jump with the Ps3 because is affordable, Blu-Ray Disc and the immense variety of games are a real Plus, they can safely say to their parents that they're not gonna pay $50 per year to play online and they are more tech friendly, they know more stuff than their parents so is more easy to convince them and they don't want to get RROD/ jk

A Kid/Teen/Individual who got a PS2 will buy a PS3 because he knows the games available on the PS2 that got sequels on the PS3 will never be released on another console, is a logical fact that a person who play GOW + GOW2 and love those games, will want to play GOW3 and is not over here because at same time he will enjoy new games he never experimented before

Playstation owner knows pretty well those facts, even in 2006 when everyone said, PS3 has no games a real Playstation owner knew from the begining that was an small issue, look now how great is the line-up of games only available on PS3

Darkstorn5088d ago

There's no denying that the PS3 has great games, but many of the franchises that were exclusive on PS2 (Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, etc.) went multiplat this gen. I actually think that's a big reason the 360 sold so well over the past couple years - gamers were anticipating more games to go the 360 and Wii.

CrazzyMan5088d ago (Edited 5088d ago )

And with incoming:
The Last Guardian
Gran Turismo 5
God of War 3
Heavy Rain

It will be just amazing time to be PS3 owner. PLAY b3yond, it only does everything!

sikbeta5088d ago

You are right, but Playstation owners tend to associate those games that now are multiplat with the brand they own, is like saying, gear3 for wii (to not get the fanboys mad) it can't be fully associated with that console and everyone will think in xbox first than other option

leyego5088d ago

guess some ppl can't go 2 hours without repeating the same damn list over and over, heres looking at u ^^^^^.

ps3 is now cheap, affordable, and has some of this gens biggest and best games. only fanboys would say other wise. ps2 had the best games (other then the snes), so its kinda obivious that that ps3 will carry the torch so to speak.

p.s. wheres my suikoden 6 already?

Jaces5088d ago

We'll...last time I checked MS was bundling Lego Indiana Jones and Kung-fu Panda, obviously not ment for those in their 20's and 30's....right?

Foliage5088d ago

Anyone who has turned 10 no longer wants a 360.

Anon19745088d ago (Edited 5088d ago )

First off, hanging around with 18-19 year olds...*shudder* I swear to god I was never that young.

Secondly, they're all gamers but most of them already have PS3's. If they don't, they want them but being students that might not happen anytime soon. A few still game on the 360, but I haven't talked to anyone that wasn't looking forward to getting a PS3 as soon as finances allow. Other than that I only know one other person with a 360 other than myself in my circle of thirty-something friends and he just bought a PS3 2 months ago.

Wii's? Nada. I haven't met a single person in my classes that games on the Wii. Most just scoff at the idea.

So, who's buying all those Wii's? I'd be interesting to see the demographics.

zeeshan5087d ago

@Darkstorn: I understand but sooner or later, they'll be buying an HDTV and as soon as they do, they'll realize what a great investment it really was but unless you have an HDTV, you are right. It must be hard to convince the parents.

My point was that now since Xbox360 and PS3 are on the same price (is the mail-in rebate offer by M$ finished?), it'll be easier for kids to convince their parents to get a PS3 instead of 360.

DaTruth5087d ago

I only know one teen. He has more PS2 games then I ever had, but all his friends have a 360 and so he only wants a 360. Doesn't matter that GOW3 is only on PS3 and he has both GOW's, all he talks about is Modern Warfare bundle. Not like I sit around trying to convince him or even tried at all, just stating that what your friends have is generally the most convincing choice!

MNicholas5087d ago

but 3 years of market data shows, very clearly, that the 360 pulls, by a significant margin, the least demand in the market.

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Sonyslave35088d ago

Fail MW2 is the most wanted game this holiday guess what consoles it selling the most on xbox 360 lol.

Theoneneo815088d ago

ok thats one good game coming out for the 360 for the holidays.

callahan095088d ago

Yeah, but if you don't have either console and you want one for Christmas, they're not going to choose a console based on Modern Warfare 2 considering it's available on both consoles. If they want a PS3, they'll ask for a PS3 and MW2 on the PS3. Simple as that.