GameInformer: Forza Motorsport 3 Review

GameInformer writes: "Our romance with fast cars is all about feeling that spike of adrenaline as your speed increases, pushing you into a different physical plane. In a slightly more abstract sense, it's about flying off to see new sights and escaping to new experiences. Video games aren't that different. You're still on the edge of your seat, driving by the seat of your pants, only you're far more safe from danger than you would be if you were actually strapped into a 400-mph death trap. You also want to feel like all that driving is taking you somewhere."

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JOLLY14295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

All ofthe ps3 fanboys are going to come running in here calling Game Informer bias.

(does anyone understand what gray is talking about?)

rhood0224295d ago

Why would they?

R & C: A Crack in Time scored a 9.25.

Greywulf4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

When is the last time a 360 game has had "questionable" reviews? Or.. a game cited for having "too much variety?"Or when has a number of 360 exclusives never been able to manage to score over 7 & 8 in certain publications, where as PS3's DLC scores higher? When has sony sent 800 dollar swag bags to reviewers before release/review of a game?

Unlike the game you're trying to troll, F3 isn't suffering from a barrage of 100% scores, with bs grasping at straw - comments taking away points for the graphics not being the same at menu/pre-gameplay/gameplay from the usual suspects of 360 lower scoring sites.

In F3's case, reviewers are pointing out the physics/damage aren't that vastly improved from the previous, and the visuals aren't overly impressive. But the same features from F2 remain and have been polished. And its still a solid series.

BTW, the answer to all those questions is never. So lets not try to pretend 360 games scoring well few and far between.

For extra points, name a PS3 site that is considered PRO-PS3 outside of official playstation sites.