DJ Hero Unlock Codes

DualShockers Writes:

"Ok my fellow DJ's, I just picked up my copy of DJ Hero for the Xbox 360 from Best Buy and it came with the DJ Hero Unlock Code for Daft Punk. You get their songs and get to use them as DJ's as well. Here it is..."

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taz80804470d ago

These are cool since they are retail codes, they can be re-used over and over to unlock stuff quickly and does not affect trophies or achievemnts

BROOKLYN N-M-E4470d ago

as i write this! Thank you dualshockers!

Ninferno4470d ago

not really a daft punk fan... but cool.

taz80804470d ago

they look cool though and you get their songs to mix to which is kool

BROOKLYN N-M-E4470d ago

i can finally put on my Daft punk outfit! lol

taz80804470d ago

Funny how there are codes for everyhting now a days, what happened to the good old days when you had to work to finish games and unlock things?

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