GamesRadar: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Review

GamesRadar writes: "Central to the new game is the Great Clock, a device built in the exact centre of the universe, designed to control the space time continuum. We learn that Clank's late father originally built it, so he ends up becoming its caretaker. Not only has Clank been liberated from Ratchet's back as his sidekick, but his role in the story has become much greater. Guided by friendly robot Sigmund (the junior caretaker), Clank's sections see you traversing the giant whirring gears of the Great Clock and learning how it works. And this is where A Crack in Time's puzzle elements come in."

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Milky3304d ago

GOMY = Game Of My Year.

callahan093304d ago

I just picked it up today and it's a frontrunner for my favorite game of the year. Easily. This game is brilliant, hilarious, and downright fun. There's such an awesome variety of gameplay, too.

Ravage273304d ago

and i really think they have improved the boss fights this time :)