MIG: Is PC Gaming Dying?

MyInsideGamer Writes:

"All over the internet, you'll find PC gamers boasting about their gaming rig - the size of their monitor, the spec of their graphics card and the amount of RAM their rig has. These quotes seem to be diminishing slowly, which is leading to the fact that PC gaming could possibly be on it's deathbed. Why? Here's my reasons:"

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GWAVE3980d ago

It's funny...I've seen these articles since the late days of the Super Nintendo. I've seen articles claiming Halo:Combat Evolved would kill FPSs on PCs. I've seen articles claiming Final Fantasy 7 would make high-end gaming PCs obsolete because the graphics were so good. I've seen articles claiming that the Dreamcast (yeah, the Dreamcast) will kill PC gaming because the Dreamcast finally included the one major advantage PC gamers had (online gaming).

Yet, PC gaming is still here and still going strong.

pippoppow3980d ago

Once Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 come out we'll see the PC resurgence articles. PC gaming is not what it once was but it has it's surge of must have titles from time to time. PC needs more Mech and flight combat/ sim type games and in general more big budget high quality exclusives.

S4NDM4N3980d ago

at 1.2

PC gaming hasn't diminished.

Look at how big Steam is. Impulse and Direct2Drive sell as well

Don't forget about the MMOs

12 million active users for WoW. Imagine how many copies were bought.

You put all the sold copies of MMOs, you get a ridiculously high number.

PC gaming isn't dying.

table3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

It's ironic as well that Halo:CE actually played better on the PC. Long live PC gaming, it's still the best format for many genres of games.

Tony P3980d ago

So is this what passes for an in-depth look at the subject?

A bunch of shallow reasons that can and have been refuted a hundred times over?

xTruthx3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

I alone have over 250 friends on xfire who play everyday and I met those people on ut2k4, COD4 and a few on UT3, and those are just 3 games.

Edit: 362 friends on xfire to be specific

Bobby Kotex3980d ago

I LOVE my PS3 and it's definitely my main gaming console, but PC gaming is going strong. Just got Assassin's Creed for $5, Loving the higher detail I get in Borderlands, and the Left 4 Dead 2 demo is about to unlock at 11pm pacific tonight. Also, if you're a MMO fan, a gaming PC is still a must.

evrfighter3980d ago

"whats PC gaming?"

a place where the casual need not apply

Wiinsight3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

Neglecting that it sounds like Sony's hair products division wrote this article, the fact that Civilization Revolutions was hailed as a ground breaker alone makes this article fail. I think I'll hop on the Starcraft 64 bandwagon while I'm at it.

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Lord_Ranos3980d ago

PC is the God of gaming. It will never die.

dirthurts3980d ago

As the Pc invented gaming.
Consoles are just the left overs from Pc gamings hardware.

EpicGamerSwordsman3980d ago


I've felt like this artcile is just repeated every 2-3 weeks with Different sites & Titles

frostypants3979d ago

@2.1, no, the first console came out well before the first PC. That argument needs to be put to bed.

Jamescagney3980d ago

I actually find myself agreeing with Saaking. There's something wrong here.

DiffusionE3980d ago

Nothing wrong here. These articles pop up every now and then, some no-name blogger claiming the death of PC gaming. They're not news, why're they even getting approved?

Timesplitter143980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

I'm just surprised no one jumped on the Modern Warfare 2 airport shooting story. It's the kind of stuff that could litterally get the game banned.

ForROME3980d ago

I wouldnt say dying I would say shrinking is a better way to put and Im glad it is, I hated the PC arena, I play C&C and the norm stuff back in the day there was just to much to it, it was annoying glad to see it shrinking

Jamescagney3980d ago

You sound bitter ForROME, any particular reason?

Timesplitter143980d ago

So you like the fact that PC gaming is focusing on browser-based MMOs and having less of everything else?

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