World Of Warcraft Race Change Service Launches

Are you a blood elf who was born in an orc's body? Blizzard has a solution for you. They're now offering paid race changes for World of Warcraft characters.

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RKRigney3280d ago

I don't like this one bit. It's over-monetization of a game that people already pay a monthly fee for... not cool at all.

EvilCackle3280d ago

On the other hand, it saves you the hundreds of hours that would've been required to level up a character of a different race. It's more worth it than the sex change feature they offer, which also costs money.

tda-danny3279d ago

Doesn't really take 100's of hours to level a char anymore mate.

Can't believe people would pay $25 though, thats nuts!

Senden3279d ago

Activision rearing it's ugly greedy head once again no doubt.. I mean name change, server change etc is one but race and faction changing is taking the cake.

Dmitry Orlov3279d ago

This thing has been around for months in EU servers. In short, old news.