AV Club: Half-Minute Hero Review

If "pick up and play" is the holy grail of portable games, Half-Minute Hero is the holiest game in the history of the world. The latest title from Xseed-a reliable publisher of appealing oddities-takes short-attention-span design to its logical, farcical extreme by cramming as much play as possible into ultra-short sessions. This isn't WarioWare, and Hero's adventures aren't mini-games. They're full-on genre standards compressed to a ridiculous degree, as if the developers are pulling a joke on players. The punchline is that a 30-second RPG lights up some of the same nerve endings as a Dragon Quest or a Lunar.

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GWAVE3375d ago

This game is really fun and a must-play game for any RPG gamer who desperately wants to try something new.