Choose A Difficulty : Dead Space Trophy / Achievement Guide

Ryan: "To celebrate Dead Space's first year birthday I have decided to write my very first Trophy Guide on this terrifying game. Now more than likely if your here, your already own the game and are looking to truly say that you have mastered the art of Necromorph killing. Although it may be possible that you do not own Dead Space and have stumbled upon my trophy guide. If that be the case do yourself a favor and go out and pick up a copy to enjoy a true masterpiece in survival horror."

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HDgamer3281d ago

I beat this game over 20 times last year just to get the plat. Trophy, well worth it.

monkey nuts3281d ago

20 times? You must have been doing something wrong. It took me 3.5 run throughs, 1st on hard, then 1.5 on hard to max out all weapons and then finally on impossible. I learnt early on though that you didn't have to fill all the upgrade slots with nodes to max them out, just the actual ones that made a difference. I agree with you about it being worth it though, what a game!

Ethereal3281d ago

Yeah, took me 3 runs to get platy. I outlined what needed to be done on each play through for people still looking to get it. 20 times..wooo man, at least you got it. Still love seeing 100% complete. =)