Choose A Difficulty : Top 5 Scariest Games To Play In The Dark

Ryan: "With October 31st on its way I know some of you may be looking for that scary game to play alone, or with a bunch of friends. So, why not offer up my services and recommend the top 5 titles that will have you so scared you will want to turn off your gaming console and find the nearest light source of any kind."

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GWAVE5081d ago

Heck yeah. Dead Space. That game is pretty scary, and also a helluva lot better than RE5.

Ethereal5081d ago

I couldn't have said it better myself.

WildArmed5081d ago

A runner up for me would be Demon's Souls..although I'd say only world 3 and (possibly) 5 could be scary..
but i always freak out when playing world 3 in DS.
well i should get back to my new game ++ >.<

btw great list, couldnt have picked a better list myself

Venatus-Deus5081d ago

I’ve never been somebody that gets scared in games, however that all changed with Dead Space. Not so much with the graphics or setting, but it was the use of sound (IMO) that for me created an atmosphere unmatched in any horror game. It had as much of an impact in that game, that the voice acting has in U2

It constantly had me turning my character around... just to make sure :-)

FiftyFourPointTwo5081d ago

For me its a tie between Silent Hill 1 & 2 at number one.

reintype5081d ago

Props for Silent Hill 2, Siren: Blood Curse and Fatal Frame.

LinuxGuru5081d ago

- Dead Space
- Resident Evil 4
- Doom 3
- Silent Hill

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Barlos2d ago

She does look great, very monotone though. A bit of emotion in the voice acting wouldn't have gone amiss though. Having said that, it wouldn't be Resident Evil without some ropey VA.


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VersusDMC3d ago

I finished it at 7 hours doing everything i could. Pretty good for 10$. Especially since the base game was 60 for all gens so it's a wash. They changed alot so you will be surprised even if you played the original. As addictive as usual so if you enjoyed or platinumed the base game this is a no brainer.

Only downside is the Ada voice is the same...

TheColbertinator2d ago

Her voice actress is not good and the casting director chose wrong.

VersusDMC2d ago

Could be that they hired her without audition because she was in the Welcome to racoon city movie as Ada? They probrably thought that Hollywood couldn't make a bad choice, right?

Hopefully they change her for future appearances.