The Portable Podcast Episode 4 | The Portable Gamer

The latest episode of The Portable Gamer's The Portable Podcast, covering the iPhone, DS, and PSP, is now out. Rob LeFebvre and Melody Stotler are your hosts for this episode of the weekly podcast.

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bgrundman3282d ago

Yay for more portable podcasting!

wondroushippo3282d ago

I get the feeling like this is a wide-open area of the podcast field where a podcast like this could be successful.

bgrundman3282d ago

After last week's audio quality, I was surprised they came back again so quickly :P

wondroushippo3282d ago

Well hey, it could be worse - it could've been 2 hours of horrible audio last week!

roblef3282d ago

seriously, what crap audio they had!