Microsoft removes Sky Player due to technical issues

Microsoft has confirmed that there are issues currently plaguing the launch of the Sky player service on Xbox Live, and has since removed the service, but hopes to relaunch it sometime tomorrow.

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darthv723280d ago

that sux.

I guess sky was having problems with other devices and not just the 360. They will get it figured out and subscribers will be back on track.

Venatus-Deus3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Is there any real reason why anybody would want to get Sky through their xbox and not just have it installed in their home?

I understand if you already have sky and it’s just an extra box, but is there another compelling reason that out weights the fact you lose bandwidth, poorer quality picture and don’t get a Sky+ or SkyHD box?

Not signing a 12 month contract is a bit weak. If you can afford £15 a month for a few extra channels that you don’t get with freeview then you can surely get a 12 month contract. The full package with movies and sports is about £50 a month. Plus you are likely already be in a 12 month contract with your BBand provider.

If anybody can answer with a decent response then I’m open minded, because I’m genuinely interested.


OK, just thought of one myself: Maybe you live in rented accommodation that doesn’t have cable connected and your not allowed install a Sat dish outside. Not sure if there a mass market for that...

TotalPS3Fanboy3280d ago

With Microsoft, it's always, rush rush rush, with no regards to quality at all.

Double Toasted3280d ago

as your name suggests, no one cares about your opinion on anything related to the 360. Sky Player isn't coming to the PS3 so I guess any news related concerning it you flock to I right?

edhe3280d ago

Working fine for me just now, at least i got to download it before it got taken off :)

Sitdown3280d ago

Says the "fanboy" for the company with one of the biggest laptop battery debacles. Or perhaps you prefer they take their time and enjoy messing you over, do these three letters do anything for you...D.......R..........M? *in ghostly voice* Rooooooooooooooot kit...rooooooooooooooooooot kit

TotalPS3Fanboy3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

"as your name suggests, no one cares about your opinion on anything related to the 360. Sky Player isn't coming to the PS3 so I guess any news related concerning it you flock to I right?"

It's not coming for the PS3, but it's out for the 360. That's why Microsoft should test it instead of rushing it to the market with tons of bugs.

You pretend not to care, but you do care. I can see it in your eyes, and in your post. In fact, you care even more than I'll ever care for my fellow 360 enemies.

" of the biggest laptop battery debacles. ...D.......R..........M... kit...rooooooooooooooooooot kit..."

All of which Sony have fixed and resolved. I am just glad that Sony fixed and resolved all those issues a long long time ago.

Sadly, the RRoD is still going strong. But since you're glad, I am glad too. Like all 360 gamers, I am also very glad that Microsoft haven't fixed it yet. It's good that after all these time, A PS3 fanboy and all the 360 gamers are finally able to be glad in unision like this. Historic moment.

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N4GayFanturds3280d ago

"Sky Player engineers are hard at work to resolve the problem - we expect to have the full service available tomorrow."

But it seems the issue is on the Sky Player side. Of course people will still say it's MS' fault - everyone loves to h8 the evil empire.

artgamer3280d ago

Microsoft... when will you learn to get your sh!t together.

Viatrophy3280d ago

Let's just blame Microsoft when it was actually Sky who was having the problems.

CRAIG6673280d ago

I downloaded the sky player app yesterday,and although it wasnt working and they have removed the launch box from the dash board,you can go to recently dowloaded items and launch it from there,i can confirm its working well,i watched ice road truckers this morning.

It should be back up soon for those who did not manage to download the app.

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