God of War Collection Ships November 17, Plan Your Trophy Hunt Now

PS Blog writes- Still wondering when you'll be able to get your hands on the God of War Collection? Well, wait no more. The God of War Collection has gone gold! Fans can look forward to playing God of War and God of War II in stunning HD just a couple of weeks from now as the God of War Collection will officially be shipping to a retail store near you on NOVEMBER 17! Oh wait…there's more…we're also here to unveil all of the trophy goodies you have been waiting for!

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Blaze9293280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

sweetness indeed. I don't think I'll be able to come out the house during November.

UnSelf3280d ago

Call of Who 4: Modern Whatsfair 2?

KiRBY30003280d ago

if this is going to count as 2 games in the trophy list or just one?

im guessing its gonna be mashed into one, so 1 platinum for the whole thing?

ico923280d ago

does anyone know when its comming out in the u.k? because i've never played any GOW game and the collection is my last chance before GOW3 is released

Dark General3280d ago

Only challenging trophies to get would be beating the Challenge of the Titans and Challenge of the Gods.

"You know the Germans make good stuff".

Wolverick3280d ago

Going to be two separate games in your list. The trophy list specifically says there will be two platinum trophies.

Mr Logic3280d ago

You do realize that you were replying to my post right?

Deputydon3280d ago

I honestly don't think I've ever managed to fully upgrade all the spells/weapons in one game save.. I didn't even know you could.

I feel like a newb now, even after beating them both at least ten times I just now realize this :-(.

callahan093280d ago

It's a pity that you have to beat God of War 1 in under 5 hours to get the platinum for that game. I hate speed-runs!

And it's also a shame you have to beat the challenge of the gods for both games. Those are ridiculously hard.

Basically there's only a couple of trophies will present even a tiny challenge, but those are BIG challenges. Kind of an unbalanced list of trophies if you ask me. You'll get 90% on both games without hardly any effort, then the last couple of golds for the platinums will be so damn hard.

Raf1k13280d ago

Is there a date for European release?

badz1493279d ago

so...what you mean is you want easy trophies? even easy platinum? come on dude...I only have 2 platinums myself out of many games but I know I don't yet deserve the other platinums because I haven't master those games yet! cheap platinum is not something that many will like you know! the feel of accomplishment after completing a challenge is what a platinum should be!

callahan093279d ago

I'm not saying I want easy trophies, I'm just saying that the trophies are UNBALANCED. All but 3 or 4 of them are incredibly simple stuff that you won't even have to try for, then the remaining couple of trophies are just ridiculously difficult. I'd rather them have a whole set of trophies of varying difficulties rather than a bunch of easy ones and just a single tough one that gets between me and the platinum.

KiRBY30003279d ago

yes. i couldnt tell if that was a fact or an expectation. i should have checked the article link anyway (which i did right now lol).

thx @Wolverick too

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Jumping-Jack3280d ago

I wish they'd release it in Europe at this time as well *sadface*

FiftyFourPointTwo3280d ago

Huge thanks Sony, now bring us these behemoths after GOW collection is released:
1. Ico + SotC
2. KH Collection: KH Final Mix, KH: CoM Remake and KH2:FM+
3. MGS Collection: MGS2 and MGS3

Gabe EatsWell3280d ago

I'd buy all of those if it comes true.

Roper3163280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

the only change I would make to your list is that it would be MGS, MGS2 & MGS3. Lets not discriminate against the great PS1 game.

And while were at it how about Twisted Metal, TM2 & TM: Black upgraded on BR. I just love Twisted Metal!!!

Redempteur3280d ago

I personnaly want a ZOE 1 & ZOE 2 collection ..

but think all these potential project depends on how this remade edition is a succes or not ..

GamerSciz3280d ago

MGS collection has already happened. It's just missing trophies and remastered HD. Other than that, it is already out and been out.

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Aclay3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

The amount of time and all of the harder difficulties that I've completed in GOW1 and 2 would be equivalent of almost 2 platinum trophies by now, but regardless I can't wait to go back and relieve everything again and actually get rewarded for it.

The only trophies I can tell will give me a run for my money is: 500 hit combo, and Beating God of War 1 in under 5 hours... everything else listed I'm pretty sure that I've already done before during my first several playthroughs of GOW1 and 2.

After looking at the trophy guide, you could probably get at least 80%-90% of the trophies per game without even really trying and in your first playthrough, because most of these are just Trophies that you'll get for progressing through required portions in the game, but there are a few that aren't like that... such as getting all the Phoenix Feathers and Gorgon Eyes b/c some can be in pretty hidden places.

I'm hope the Trophies in God of War 3 aren't this easy, but I'm thinking Sony made most of them relatively attainable in the GOW Collection for newcomers to the franchise...hopefully GOW3's trophies will be a little tougher, like a Trophy for beating a Certain Boss on Very Hard Mode in 2-3 minutes, etc...

-EvoAnubis-3280d ago

Can't wait to buy this game. $40 is a steal for all the content you're getting; all of the extras from both games are also on the disk, not to mention early access to the GoW3 demo.

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