EDGE Teases 'Halo: Reach' Feature for November?

The back page teaser for the "December" edition of EDGE magazine looks an awful lot like some of the imagery used for the reveal of Halo: Reach back at E3. Could the game be shortly about to be revealed? From the article:

"It's certainly feasible that Reach info would drop around this time. Recent Bungie Weekly Updates have just started to include snippets as to how Reach's development is going. The first pre-alpha previews for Halo 3 went online around the end of November 2006 and like Halo 3, there will be a beta of Halo: Reach which presumably will be released on a similar timescale to it's predecessor, i.e. in the first half of 2010."


Bungie have since debunked this rumour over at Halo.Bungie.Org. We've updated the post with the official line and added in the Mass Effect 2 speculation.

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mistajeff3279d ago

Could be Mass Effect 2, but it does look a lot more like the Reach thing.

deftangel3279d ago

Good call on Mass Effect 2, I hadn't thought of that.

However, that launches Jan 27th. It seems to early for a review and a bit strange to do a bit feature/preview that close to release.

mistajeff3279d ago

Yeah, exactly. I don't think they would do something that ominous and vague if it was a Mass Effect 2 feature, Bioware's already revealed a bunch of stuff about it.

Lord_Ranos3279d ago

That isnt Earth. Its Reach.

BlackTar1873279d ago

I want to play this or see it being played : )

Leave the hate at the door be a gamer this isnt News4hippocrits Lol

Game on people

SuperStrokey11233279d ago

I bet they warm up to it crazy style, i wouldnt be surprised if they rated the game a 10 before they even get paid... i mean play it.

kaveti66163279d ago

I really hope they don't. In terms of gameplay, I've always felt that Halo was solid, a lot of fun to play with friends, etc. But if we accept that the gameplay mechanics do not need to change, then I hope most would agree that the story should get deeper and the characters more developed, and in that aspect, Halo 3 disappointed me. I hope that the reviewers truly try and review this game without any bias, and if the game deserves a 7 in their book, I hope it gets it. The only thing that pushes people to make better games is pressure. And where's the pressure when you already know that the company backing you can influence reviewers to give you high reviews? I hope Bungie really pushes the envelope with this as much as they can, both visually and in terms of story.

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The story is too old to be commented.