Connect! On Magazine December 2009: Final Fantasy XIV Article Translation

Today's translation was a group effort, and there's still more to come! Enjoy the staff predictions and the interview with Opone Kikuchi. Later, we'll also have reader responses to questions posted online by Connect!On. Enjoy the read!

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Raoh3375d ago

can't wait. I love ffxi... had a few jobs up to level 57

Caffo013375d ago

me too..ffxi is unique...i was 75 with THF!
i can't wait for this!sucks to wait 1 year :(

Myst3374d ago

Ugh, this long wait is going to be annoying. Though it will all be worth it the moment I can start playing. Hopefully there won't be any hefty updates at the beginning. I think XI had one at it's launch, but I can't remember since it's been a while.