EvilCast Recap, Episode #7

GrE writes, "Whats that? You want a live EvilCast you say? You got it! Not only that, we will also have a special guest stopping by from the Family Guy set to help introduce the show and send us off with a bang. Along with our jam packed roster, we will have plenty of time to hit on the biggest gaming news of the weekend including sky high PS3 sales, hands on impressions of the Xbox Dashboard, and Ross's Top 5 November game releases. Be sure not to miss all of that and more in tonight's EvilCast Newsbrief."

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roblef3276d ago

I was seriously laughing out loud when this one started up. OMG.

wondroushippo3276d ago

Yeah. That's a spot-on version of the voice.

bgrundman3276d ago

WTF? Is that the creepy old dude from family guy at the beginning of the show?

bgrundman3276d ago

Wow, there are alot of laughs in this one. I think it was a hit.

wondroushippo3276d ago

Yeah, I was a huge fan of this one, great work to the GrE team.

roblef3276d ago

Liberal use of the F-Bomb. EXCELLENT work.

Sp1deyluvr3276d ago

OMG THat guys is hilarious!