Nvidia and Starting the Next Age of Super Computing

"I believe that we need something big and new every four years or so." – Jen Hsun Huang

Nvidia has been planning to be in the super computer business for the past three years.

The company has had stellar growth since the internet melt down in 2001, and it has come to dominate almost every market it has entered, but Nvidia is now facing limited growth opportunities in its classical markets and new competition. Its main rival for graphics chips ATI has renewed itself with a winning and very challenging price/performance product design and positioning. Nvidia's integrated chip business is declining (as it is for all integrated chip suppliers), and it will soon have heavy weight Intel competing in its mainstream desktop high-margin discrete GPU business. If ever the company was in a squeeze play, Nvidia is now.

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PinkUni3374d ago

WHY don't u overthrow Microsoft windows and make a much more efficient and faster 3d operating system

instead of ms paint, nvidia molding

instead of ms word, nvidia chat

instead of internet explorer, 3d web pages

instead of a mouse, use track movements in 3d space using cameras

so much sh!t people aren't doing, yet the technology is out there

whats the point of having super computers if all you do with it is shoot nazi zombies

shopsmartash3374d ago

shooting zombie nazis is what sells their normal line of hardware. reinventing a company is a hard thing to do. apple did it, but only after nearly failing. Plus the problem of getting these programs introduced to the general public is quite difficult; people don't like to change. what would be a smart move for them is to integrate those things you said, into Google Chrome OS. That would give them an inroad like they never had before.